animal coloring

Goat Jumping a Fence Coloring

This goat seems to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Put some pretty colors on this page and have fun with it. You’ll have a great time playing Goat Jumping a Fence Coloring!…[Continue]

Farmer Rabbit Coloring

Farmer rabbit is going to have a lovely garden this year. As the sun shines down on him, add some new hues to this picture. Have a fantastic time playing Farmer Rabbit Coloring!…[Continue]

Valentine Animals Coloring

Four pages of adorable animal scenes, perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day. Coloring cute animals is always in season so have an awesome time with Valentine Animals Coloring!…[Continue]

Kitty with a Fish Bowl Coloring

Ah, the fun a kitty can have with an unsuspecting goldfish…add wonderful colors to this cute scene and have a fabulous time with Kitty with a Fish Bowl Coloring!…[Continue]

Cupid the Love Giver Coloring

Valentine’s Day isn’t just pinks, reds and whites anymore. Neither is cupid. Get creative and use any colors you like. Have a great time with Cupid the Love Giver Coloring!…[Continue]

Four Bears on a Beach Coloring

These four cute bear cubs are trying to create a castle on the beach. It’s more like mountain. Hopefully your artistic skills are better than their attempts at building a castle. Have an awesome time playing Four Bears on a Beach Coloring!…[Continue]

Two Squirrels in a Tree Coloring

Is this pair of squirrels playing or fighting? Either way, they’d be happier with some color. Have a terrific time playing Two Squirrels in a Tree Coloring!…[Continue]

Grazing Goat Coloring

This kid goat is enjoying grazing for fresh grass and only one thing is missing. Color! Can you help? Have a great time trying when you play Grazing Goat Coloring!…[Continue]

Coy Owl Coloring

This owl sure is cute and he’s playing coy, too! He is certainly up to something. Give his mischief some color and have an outstanding time with Coy Owl Coloring!…[Continue]

Madam Duck Coloring

This delightful duck is quite the dame. Put some zip in her step using your exciting artistic skills. Have a magnificent time playing Madam Duck Coloring!…[Continue]

Monkey on a Pig Coloring

This monkey looks like he’s having a ball riding his pet pig. Let’s perk up this fun scene with the perfect colors, shall we? Get creative, be vibrant and have a majestic time with Monkey on a Pig Coloring!…[Continue]

Little Plane Coloring

Let’s give this scared little plane a reason to smile. Color it any way you like. Be creative. Use bright, new hues and have a lovely time with Little Plane Coloring!…[Continue]

Two Cute Ducks Coloring

A mama duck and her duckling are two of the cutest things about spring. Give them some pretty colors for spring and have a delightful time with Two Cute Ducks Coloring!…[Continue]

Two Lovely Rabbits Coloring

This couple of very proper and adorable rabbits in their Sunday best deserve great color. Can you help them out? Have a terrific time playing Two Lovely Rabbits Coloring!…[Continue]

Feline Romance Coloring

This pair of festive felines is in love and taking their romance to the City of Lights. Give their romance some color and have a fantastic time playing Feline Romance Coloring!…[Continue]