Selling Your Wood Crafts

Working with wood crafts has become one of the most popular ways to use wood today. Millions of people all over the place have realized that wood is a versatile natural resource and can be made into just about anything. Some individuals have even realized that they can make some extra money on the side selling some unique and magnificent wood crafts. If you’re into crafting with wood but aren’t sure where to sell your wood crafts here are some ideas to help get you started and some tips on how to sell them quickly.

Craft Malls

If you’ve never been to a craft mall you’d be surprised at how many craft people shop and buy things there. Here is how most craft malls or craft selling stores work. There are so many craft booths in the store that you can rent to put your craft projects in for display. Whatever you sell from your booth you make money on and then the store gets a percentage of whatever money you make. It really depends on the store on how much you pay them to rent the booth and what the percentage is you pay to them. Some stores may only charge you for renting the booth and you keep all the money you make. If you’re just starting out and are mostly trying to get your name and your product out there for people to see this is a great way to do it because generally what you pay in renting the booth is fairly low. You can usually put whatever you want in the booth so if you change your ideas and start something else you can just swap out the old and put in the new.

Craft Fairs/ Boutiques

This is the same idea as a craft mall only it is a craft fair and you will have your own booth along with (depending on how big the fair is) several other vendors. The great thing about boutiques and craft fairs is that they usually generate a lot of traffic and are a great way to sell some of your products, get your name out, and get some new customers. If it’s a small business you’re looking to start then this might just be one of the best ways to do so.

Yard sales

Garage and yard sales are also another way to sell your wood crafts. There are many people who live for yard sales and will shop around all year searching for something they love. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. You probably won’t be able to sell your wood crafts for a lot of money at yard sales but it’s a good way to get started.

The Internet

And lastly, if you have access to a computer and to the internet then you can start selling some of your wood crafts online. The internet is one of the best ways to sell products and to reach a vast array of people all over the world. That is the best part about using the internet; you don’t just reach local people in your area, but can reach people anywhere that have access to the internet in their homes or somewhere else.

How to sell your wood crafts fast

Just because you have a great product doesn’t mean that it will sell immediately. There are a lot of factors that play into why something will or will not sell. Here are some simple selling tips:

1. Keep your prices competitive. Look around the market and see what other similar wood crafts are selling for and then go a little bit lower. For some it won’t make a difference, but for most buyers even a quarter or fifty cents cheaper will convince them to buy your product and not the competition.

2. Know the need of your product. Make sure before you start building that there is a need for what you are making. What is your target market? And who will buy. If there isn’t a need or at least a want for whatever it is you have then you’re not going to sell anything.

3. Quality vs. Quantity. If you’re making and selling something really cheap then your goal is quantity. You may sell a lot but you won’t have many returning customers if what you’re making falls apart in a week. Focus on making your wood crafts of better quality so your customers will return and spread the word.

Hopefully these ideas on where to sell wood crafts and how to sell them quickly will get you started on your wood crafting business.

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