Lion Sock Puppet

For children all over the world, Daniel and the Lions’ Den is probably one of the most recognized and loved stories in the bible. It’s sometimes hard to believe that it’s found in the bible and it was not a fabricated story. Children love the action of Daniel, and most especially love the fact that there are ferocious lions involved. Most of the Daniel and the Lion’s den crafts that can be found have to do with lions. Here are some ideas:

1. Lion Sock Puppet: Sock puppets may seem like something of the past for you, but kids love them and never seem to outgrow them. If you’re looking for a fun and easy craft to go along with the story of Daniel and the Lion’s den then try grabbing some old socks and making lions out of them. All you need is a sock, some markers, paper (for the eyes and ears) or cotton balls, and some yarn for the tail. You can either decorate the sock while it’s on your hand (this might make it easier to see where you actually want things to go) or you can do it with the sock lying on the table. A really fun idea is to use a white sock and have the kids tie die the sock orange and yellow before they actually add the eyes, and other needed parts. It gives the sock a unique and fun look.

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