Fish Crafts: Jonah and the Whale Style

Some are familiar with this bible story more than others are, but it is one of the most fun stories to use when it comes to making crafts. Sea creatures are a thing of mystery to many children and they always want to learn more. There are hundreds of activities you and your child can do with Jonah and the Whale crafts. Let’s look at few of them.

Fish Crafts

There are several different crafts you can make when it comes to fish, and several different ways you can make them:

• Painting fish: You can paint fish with just about any child at any age. Depending on the age of the child you can use finger paints, water colors, basic tempera paints, or ceramic paints. Every child enjoys painting and they can be given the opportunity to explore colors while they paint their whale or fish to go along with the story. If you have really young children and don’t want to deal with the mess of painting, then you can always use washable markers.

• Types of fish crafts: There are plenty of things to choose from if you go into a craft store, or look online for fish or whales from wood craft projects, to ceramic craft projects. Some places online will send the materials to you and you can even build or put your own fish together. It really depends on how old your child is and how in depth you want to get with your fish. You can choose paper fish to decorate, wood, ceramic, plastic, and probably several other types.

• Bean Bags and Pillow crafts: Making bean bags and pillows are quite easy and can be done with your child and sometimes they can do them on their own. A fun way to retell the story sometimes is using some bean bag characters. If you can find some iron on characters from the Jonah and the Whale story you can iron them onto some fabric, cut them out, sew them, and then stuff them with either beans or cotton. If you decided to stuff them with cotton you can place some Velcro on the back of the characters and use them on a flannel board to help tell the story. Kids love playing with these and they really help them learn what the story is.

• Large paper fish: A simple way to create a large whale is by getting some butcher paper and drawing one. You will need two sides to your fish so remember to cut two of your drawing. You can then paint it, color it, and make it however you want. Stuff it with some old newspaper and then staple it shut. You can hang these from the ceiling or just have them sitting in the room. Either way they make for a cheap and easy craft for parents and kids to make together.

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  1. Tristen says

    well i have another suggestion
    cut tiny fish out of construction paper at least 6 fish per color about four colors and make fishing poles out of any thing and let them fish

  2. Erin says

    We’re doing a pirate type VBS and our first story is about Jonah and the Whale and God’s treasure isn’t always what we treasure (people who are sinners). For the craft time we thought up a variation of ship in a bottle- whale in a balloon! Just get a plastic whale, put in balloon, add blue dyed water and blow up! Fun!

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