Jesus is the Light Candle Craft

Many times throughout the bible Jesus is used as a symbol of light. He is referred to often as the “light of the world.” There are several different crafts you can do that go along with this particular theme. For young children you can make “sun” catchers or “sun” cut outs to help them remember that Jesus is the light of the world, just like the sun lights the earth. Another easy and fun craft to go along with this theme is to make a candle which can represent light in the darkness. You don’t have to actually make the candle though; this is a fairly easy craft to make. Here’s what you will need:

• Toilet paper roll
• Cardstock paper (yellow or white) for the flame of the candle
• Markers or paint

The next step is simple; color or paint the toilet paper roll any color of your choice, as well as the flame (if you used white paper). Then stick the flame to the top part of your toilet paper roll and voila! It’s really that easy.

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