Country Metal Crafts

Country crafts typically involve one of three elements: wood, fabric, or metal. In this article, we will talk about metal country crafts. Metal has a rustic quality to it that makes it perfect for a country craft. Another benefit of metal is that it is a common and inexpensive material to use, especially if you are re-using metal that you already have in order to make your craft. A few such ideas for country metal crafts will be explained in more detail in the paragraphs below. Hopefully, in reading through these ideas you will be inspired to replicate one of these crafts yourself, or come up with your own unique ideas for how you can incorporate metal into your country crafts.

Aluminum/tin foil covering

Perhaps the most common and yet often overlooked metallic item that we have is our roll of tin or aluminum foil. Tin foil is a great tool to use for crafts because it is an inexpensive way to give a metallic look to just about anything. One example of something really simple that you can use tin foil on is candles. Either buy or make your own candles, poke holes into a thin sheet of tin foil to create a design, and then wrap the candle with the foil.

Metal stars

Metal stars are a really popular decorative item these days. You can find these decorative stars at just about any craft or home supply store. To make the star more rustic, spray paint it a rust red color or use some distressing techniques to get the look that you want. For the cost of the star and the spray paint, you can have a decorative item that is uniquely yours.

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