Ocean Diorama

The ocean is fascinating to many people and there are lots of different ways to bring a little bit of ocean home with you every day. Ocean crafts are very popular and they can be exotic and expensive or simple and easy to make. One ocean craft that is simple and can be made by almost anyone is an ocean diorama. Here is some more information on how to make your own ocean diorama.

To get your ocean diorama, you will need to start with some supplies and a plan for what you want your diorama to look like when it’s all done. You’ll need a good sturdy box for your basic structure. Many people like to use a shoebox for their diorama, but you want to make sure that the box is durable and will be able to support some weight sitting on its side. Other boxes are also acceptable, but you don’t want them to be too big or an awkward shape or you will have difficulty filling it up. You’ll also need some construction paper, printed animals or animal origami, crayons or markers, tape, thread and scissors. With all of your supplies gathered, you are ready to start designing and assembling your ocean diorama.

You should begin to decorate the inside of the box first. You can glue blue paper to the inside of the box or even paint it. Most people choose to use blue construction paper or blue paint, but you can be flexible and creative with the colors and materials you choose to use. If you are using paint, you may even want to swirl green and blue paint together to create a more realistic feel for the water. Cover the bottom of the box with paper or paint it so that it looks like the ocean floor or looks like sand. You can use real sand to cover the bottom of the box, but this could get very messy. If you do choose to use sand, cover the bottom of the box with glue and then sprinkle the sand on. After you have decorated the box itself, then you can add all of the animals that you printed out or made from origami.

You can put as much or as little detail into the diorama as you want. It could only include the fish or animal figures that you have placed in it or it could include things like fake seaweed, a scuba diver, snails, bubbles, and other items. You can put as much or as little into your diorama as you want. You can hang things from the top of the diorama using string. This works really well with the animals you will have in the diorama, especially those that swim and would normally be floating in the water. Tie the string to the animal you want to suspend in the diorama and then thread the string through the box. It will be poking out of the top of the diorama and may be unattractive to see the string. You should also cover the outside of the box, especially if it is a shoe box and has logos or advertisements on the outside. This will ensure that your diorama is attractive from any angle.

Making an ocean diorama can be fun and exciting, but don’t get caught up in just making the craft. It is also great to make sure you learn something from the making of the craft. The ocean is very beautiful and is also very interesting. Learn a few facts about the animals that you are putting in your diorama and you will have a great time while you are learning.

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