Butterfly Mask

Mardi gras mask


Something to color with
Piece of thin cardboard
2 drinking straws or a ruler or an unsharpened pencil
Sparkle glue


  1. Print out the template from http://www.dltk-kids.com/CRAFTS/mardigras/mmasks.htm (with the templates you have a choice between large or small depending on the child’s size)
  2. Color the pieces of the template where it is needed
  3. Take a big piece of cardboard and spread glue on it
  4. Make sure you spread a nice even coat so that the glue doesn’t soak through the template
  5. Place the template face up onto the cardboard and press it down
  6. Ensure that all of the edges of the mask are firmly glued down
  7. Allow the mask to dry
  8. Cut out around the mask
  9. Poke a hole through the center of the eyes and cut out the eye-holes
  10. Decorate the mask
  11. Provide a variety of things that children can use to be creative in decorating their masks
  12. If using straws slide one straw into the other one
  13. Crimp the end of one straw to make it slide in easier
  14. Tape the joint of the two straws
  15. To reinforce the straws you can tape them all the way up with scotch tape
  16. Attach the straw, ruler or unsharpened pencil to the mask

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