Fun File Folder Games for The Month of March

FileFoldersFile folder games are extremely versatile because they can be created for just about any event or theme. Additionally, file folder games are inexpensive to make and replace if damaged. They are also easy to store in a small space and are ideal for travel. Making file folder games is simple regardless of your budget. Your imagination is your only limitation. Creating a file folder game is as simple as starting with a file folder of any color, printing out the pieces and providing instructions for how the puzzle is to be assembled or the game is to be played. Keep your file folder games in a bag or box that you can easily carry or store in the car. Pull out the games when you are in need of a wholesome distraction for your kids. After all, file folder games are great educational tools for any age!

Thinking of ideas for your own file folder games is simple. In this article, we’ll discuss themes for the month of March and, specifically, St. Patrick’s Day, that you can use to create file folder games. Brainstorm some ideas or themes commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day and work to incorporate those ideas into file folder games.

Common themes for file folder games include matching shapes, colors, letter, completing spelling words and teaching mathematical principles. When matching shapes, colors, and letters, create two matching illustrations, one that will be a part of the file folder and one piece that is interchangeable and needs to be matched to the file folder illustration. Interchangeable pieces can be connected to the file folder itself with hook and loop tape or magnets. Some people prefer not to have removable parts; in this case the use of a dry erase marker can make the file folder game re-usable without worrying about small parts.

Incorporate the March and St. Patrick’s Day theme by drawing your own illustrations or by doing an internet search and finding free clip-art images. You could also use magazine or old book clippings. Things that you may want to include that would follow the theme of this month are images of leprechauns, four-leaf clovers and rainbows with pots of gold. If you’d like to incorporate more than just St. Patrick’s Day images, consider other themes that also correlate with St. Patrick’s Day or the month of March such as the first day of spring and the birthdays of some famous people like Dr. Seuss.

Match corresponding pots of gold based on the number of coins that you place in each to teach mathematical principles, or keep things simple with basic clover shapes in a variety of colors and then matching the same image to its specific correlating color. Keeping your child’s education and skill level in mind is important when you are trying to create file folder games that will be both entertaining and educational. Durability is also an issue based in the age of the children who will be using your file folder games. For younger children, pieces that connect with hook and loop tape or magnets may be a better option than the use of markers. The file folder ideas mentioned here are great ways to get you started.

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