Bandanna Purse

Bandanna PurseWhat You’ll Need:

  • Two bandannas
  • Scissors or shears

Instructions for the Project:

  1. You should cut off a one-inch border, in one piece, around the edges of both bandannas, and set them aside.
  2. Now put the bandannas together with the wrong sides together. You can take some scissors and cut slits every ¾ inch of the bandanna on three of the four sides.
  3. You then take the slits and tie them together in double knots all the way around the edges. You will then have a cute fringed purse base.
  4. Now, take that one inch strip you cut around the edges, and cut it into to pieces. Because there were two bandanas you will have four pieces. Take three of them and braid them together to create your purse handle.
  5. Then, know it on each end of the purse. You can take the last piece and make a bow which you can safety pin on, or tie to the handle, or something else.

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