More Great Preschool Themes for July

July brings a wide variety of choices when it comes to preschool themes. If you are responsible for teaching an entire class of preschoolers, or just want spend some quality time with your preschooler, these theme ideas, can give you lots of ideas on what to do. Preschoolers have a special love for learning, and are most often eager to jump right in to whatever activities you propose. July can be an especially fun time, for teaching preschoolers, since many activities can take place outside. Here are some preschool themes for July-

  • 4th of July-There’s no bigger summer holiday then this!  Preschoolers will be excited to learn about the 4th of July through various activities and books. This can make a fun theme in the weeks leading up to the big day.


Books to Read:

Happy 4th of July, Jenny Sweeney

By Leslie Kimmelman

The Fourth of July Story

By Alice Dalgliesh


Make your own parade-If this is the theme for an established preschool it can be done in the days leading up to the 4th, however, if you are planning some fun for your own preschooler, this is s fun activity, to try before the fireworks start.

You will need:




Crepe paper

Banners (The kids can make these ahead if you need to)

Any 4th of July decorations from your local craft store

Heavy duty tape

You simply explain to the children that you are going to have your own parade. They can decorate wagons, scooters and bikes with the assembled craft materials. Encourage the kids to come dressed in red, white and blue. For a full-on parade pass out kazoos or blowers to those who will be walking. Then map out a parade route and go through the neighborhood showing off your parade creations.


Patriotic Flag Craft – Hand Print Art-This easy to do craft cleans up quickly if you use baby wipes.

You will need:

Red, Blue and White paint

Brown Paint

Paint brush for each color


Start by having the child hold their hand up with their fingers together, thumb out. Paint the child’s thumb brown. Paint a small square on the palm near the pinky finger base blue. Paint the pinky and middle finger red and the ring and pointer finger white. Have the child make a hand print on the paper. You should have an USA flag.

  • Ocean-Kids are fascinated by the ocean and all that lives there. You will find a high level of interest if you decide to use the ocean as a preschool theme.


Books to Read:

My Very Own Octopus

By Bernard Most

Fish is Fish

By Leo Lionni


Field Trip-If you are lucky enough to live close to an aquarium (many major cities now have them), a field trip there will be filled with wonder, for your preschoolers. Contact the aquarium before attending, as many of these venues have special programs designed, for preschool age kids.


Fish Bowl Craft-This delightful craft will charm the preschoolers. However, it is recommended that if you are going to display any craft with food that you spray with hair spray, to keep bugs out of it.

You will need:

Large Piece of Blue Construction Paper

Green Pipe Cleaners

Gold Fish Crackers (rainbow ones also work well)

Fruit Loops


Start by having the child cut the large piece of blue construction paper into a circle. Once they have done that, have them cut about ½ an inch off one side of the circle. This will create a fish bowl look. Next encourage the child to glue fruit loops to the round bottom part of the circle for gravel in the fish bowl. The next step is to glue on green pipe cleaners for plants and lastly add the gold fish crackers.

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