More Preschool Themes for August

August provides a bounty of ideas, for lots of preschool learning and fun!  Whether you are trying to find classroom ideas, or just want to engage with your preschooler, there are themes that will make for fun and educational activities, all at the same time. Preschoolers are highly eager to learn about the world around them. Adult caretakers (parents, teachers, sitters etc.) can use these ideas to introduce the preschoolers in their life to new ideas and learning. Here are preschool themes for August-

  • Alphabet Learning-August can be the perfect time to introduce young preschoolers to the alphabet, or help those older preschoolers, who will be moving on to kindergarten, to review. There is virtually not limits on what you can do, but here are some ideas to get you started.


Books to Read:

The Alphabet Room

By Sara Pinto

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

By Bill Martin, John Archambault, Lois Ehlert


Alphabet Scrapbook-This can be done on one day or as throughout the theme as    you learn each letter.

You will need:

1 Subject notebook

Old Magazines

Blunt Child Scissors or Mommy Size Scissors

Glue Stick


Have the child decorate the front of their alphabet scrapbook. Use a marker to       label each page of the scrapbook with an alphabet letter. Have the child look in      the old magazines for pictures that go with each letter. The child can then cut             them out. Encourage them to find multiple pictures for each letter. Have the child glue them on to the correct page.


Finger Print Alphabet Flash Cards-This will be a keepsake long after your child      has learned his or her letters.

You will need:

Card Stock


Washable Stamp Pad

Start by writing each letter of the alphabet on a piece of card stock using the          pencil. Then have the child use their finger or thumb to make prints on the lines of         the letter. Once they are done the child will have a complete set of flash cards     that they created themselves.


Edible Alphabet-This is a great activity for treat time!

You will need:

Alphabet Cereal

Softened Cream Cheese or Vanilla frosting

Graham Cracker

Plastic Knife or Craft Stick

Have the child spread cream cheese over the graham cracker, using the plastic        knife or a craft stick. Next offer the child a bowl alphabet cereal and ask them to          find one of the following: the letter of the day, one of each letter in the alphabet or   the letters in their name. When the child finds them they can place them on the             graham cracker.

  • Back to School-For many preschoolers this will be the time they are finishing up preschool and moving on to kindergarten. This can be a good time to review bus safety (if applicable), discuss what will happen in kindergarten and even talk about playground rules.


Books to Read:

The Night before Kindergarten

By Natasha Wing

Kindergarten Rocks

By Katie Davis


Field Trip-It’s an obvious choice, but a field trip to visit the elementary school       that the preschoolers will attend is a great choice. Call ahead to let the school        know you would like a tour and you may find that they have helpful staff on         hand, to guide you and your preschoolers around.


Mary had a little lamb-This easy to do craft goes along with the nursery rhyme.

You will need:

Craft paper


Cotton balls


Start by having the child trace their hand print and cut it out. This can also work if            you want them to do hand print with paint. Then have the child glue the cotton     balls directly onto the palm area and draw eyes and a mouth on the thumb area.

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