October Themes for Preschool

When October comes around, there are lots of ways to help your preschooler learn about their exciting world. You can focus on several different aspects of learning, or set up just one or two themes, for the month of October. Take advantage of the fact that most likely your preschooler will be eager to learn and experience new things. Whether you are planning for a classroom of preschoolers, or just want some ways to interact with your preschooler, here are October themes for preschool.

  • Halloween-This is probably the most obvious theme for October; however, it is important not to overlook all of the possibilities. While it will be Halloween that holds your preschoolers interest, you can use it to help teach alphabet, numbers or even colors. Best of since Halloween isn’t until October 31st, you can use this theme all through the month.  Here are a few Halloween themed activities to get you started-


Books to Read:

Arthur’s Halloween

By Marc Brown

Fly Ghost Fly

By Betty Ann Schwartz


Pin the Face on the Jack O Lantern-This version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey let’s preschoolers decorate a large pumpkin.

You will need:

A large orange circle

Various face pieces (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.)

Push pins

A blindfold

Get a large orange circle and then using pin the tale on the donkey rules have  the children put the face on the Jack-o’-lantern.  Alternatively you can play pin the stem on the Jack-o’-lantern.


Pumpkin Pie Play dough-What’s more Halloween then Pumpkin Pie Play dough? The kids will love playing with this!

You will need:

5 1/2 Cups Flour

2 Cups Salt

8 teaspoon cream of tartar

3/4 Cups Oil

1 (1 1/2 ounces) container pumpkin pie spice

Orange Food Coloring (2 parts yellow, 1 part red)

4 Cups Water

Mix all of the ingredients together. Cook and stir over medium heat until all lumps disappear. Knead the dough on a floured surface until it is smooth.  Store in airtight container.


The Halloween Grand Prize Game-This Halloween themed game, will help preschoolers develop their motor skills.

You will need:

5 Jack-O’-Lantern buckets

Several orange ping pong balls

Line up 5 buckets in a row. Have the child stand at the end of the row and       attempt to throw ping pong balls into the buckets in succession


Halloween Songs

Three Little Witches

One little, two little, three little witches (Count on Fingers)

Fly over haystacks & fly over ditches (Make titanic flying motion)

Fly over moonbeams without any hitches (Make titanic flying motion)

Hey its Halloween night

One little, two little, three little witches. (Count on Fingers)

Fly over barb wire and tore there britches (Make titanic flying motion)

Had to go home and get some stitches. (Make titanic flying motion)

Hey, its Halloween night

  • Leaf Theme-October is also a good time to take advantage of all the falling leaves. This can be done with or separately from an autumn theme.


Books to read:

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

By Lois Ehlert

The Giving Tree

By: Shel Silverstein


Leaf People-Preschooler will love to use their creativity to make their own        leaf people.

You will need:


Construction paper



Have the children glue a leaf on a piece of paper, and draw legs, arms, and a    head to create a person.


Leaf Piles-These tasty treats will be a hit at snack time.

You will need:

6 cups cornflakes

1 cup karo syrup

1 cup peanut butter.

You will also need some Wax paper to lay your leaf piles on.

In a microwave melt the karo and peanut butter together. Pour over the cornflakes and place them in piles on wax paper. Let them cool and dry.

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