Great Preschool Themes for October

Preschool can be an exciting and interesting time for preschoolers, to be learning. There are a variety of ways that you can introduce different concepts to the preschoolers in your life. Whether you are looking for activities to engage in with your child, or you are a teacher at a preschool, choosing a theme is a great way to help children learn. October presents several different avenues that could become themes for preschool learning. Here are some preschool themes for October-

  • Apples-Fall is apple picking time and it makes a great theme to teach preschoolers with. Keep in mind that many of the activities can be expanded to teach alphabet and numbers, along with plant growth, nutrition and even cooking. Here are some ideas to get you started-


Books to Read:

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

By Marjorie Priceman

Ten Apples Up on Top!

By Theo LeSieg


Apple Graphing-This is great way to introduce preschooler to charting and graphing. Go to your local produce stand or produce department at the grocery store. Buy 1 of every kind of apple they have. Then you can have the children learn about graphs and charting. Chart how many are green, red, or yellow. How   many are big, medium or small, How many are with stems how many are with out. You can use your imagination to “chart” just about anything. Save your apples for rest of the week.


Apple Printing Fun-This craft helps turn the everyday apple into an art tool. Keep in mind that you will need an adult’s help with the cutting.

You will need:


Knife (adult will use)

White Paint

Red Paint

Paint Brush


Paper color of choice

Start by cutting all of the apples in half. Make sure that you cut all of the apples     different directions. This way you will get different patterns on the cuts. The children can then take the apples and dip them into the paint, to make prints.     When the children are done making their prints, they can glue the seeds, they got   out of their apples on to the apple prints.


Pink Applesauce in the Crock Pot-Preschool kids will love this delicious and easy to make treat.

You will need:

10 Apples (any kind) peeled and cored.

1 Cups Sugar (More or less to taste to your preference)

1/4 Cup Red Hots

Directions: Turn on the crock pot while you peel and core apples. Add the apple    slices to the hot crock-pot. Once the apples are soft the children can help mash them and add the sugar and cinnamon candies. Stir. Keep in mind that it takes        about 3 hours to cook on high. Makes around 5 cups.

  • Pumpkins-This is another iconic symbol of Fall. Whether or not you will be celebrating Halloween with a preschooler, this can make a nice theme for October.


Books to Read:

Pumpkin Soup

By Helen Cooper

The Pumpkin Book

By Gail Gibbons


Field Trip-If it is possible, a field trip to a local pumpkin patch will enchant and     educate the preschoolers.


Pumpkin Seed Mosaics-This clever craft makes use of the pumpkin seeds.

You will need:

Pumpkin seeds from a recently carved pumpkin

Zip lock bags

Tempura paint (several colors)


Poster paper

Remove the seeds from the pumpkin, clean and allow to dry completely. After they are completely dry, place them in a zip lock bag with a small amount of paint. Squish the bag around until all of the seeds are covered. Pour them back out onto trays and allow them to dry again. After the colored pumpkin seeds are completely dry the preschoolers can use them to make mosaic pictures on the poster paper.


Pumpkin Pudding-This easy to make treat will allow the preschoolers to get a real taste of pumpkin.

You will need (per single serving):

1 cup vanilla pudding

2 teaspoons Libby’s easy pumpkin pie mix



Simply measure out and place one cup of vanilla pudding into bowl. Next, add 2 teaspoons pie mix to the bowl. Mix well and enjoy!

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