November Themes for Preschool

When November rolls around, everyone’s first thoughts are of Thanksgiving. While this can make a great preschool theme all on its own, there are ways to break it down, so that the preschoolers can get more out of it.  Having a Native American theme and a Pilgrim theme, allows for a more in-depth look at the original Thanksgiving participants. Not only does it up the educational matter, but it provides more fun as well. Here are some ideas to get you started-

  • Native Americans-Preschoolers will be enthralled to learn about the original inhabitants of the America. There is a host of ideas that can keep this theme going all month long, or you may want to split the month with a Pilgrim theme.


Books to Read:

Squanto and the First Thanksgiving

By: Theresa Celsi

Nickommoh: A Thanksgiving Celebration

By: Jackie Koller


Indian corn Necklace-This is a fun craft, however, you should keep in mind that    it requires adult supervision, because of the needle.

You will need:

Indian corn




Small bowl

Paper Towels

After you pluck off corn off the corn husk, soak the corn kernels in water. Once    the kernels are soft, the kids can use the needle and thread, and put it through the    middle of the soft Indian corn. You can do this until they have a necklace or a        bracelet. Simply tie off the ends and its ready to be worn.


Tee Pee-Preschoolers will love the idea that they are making their own teepee!

You will need:

Construction Paper (any color)



2 to 3 Straws

Take a piece of construction paper, any color, and wrap it into a cone shape and tape. Trim around the base so the cone will stand flat. Next, an adult may have to help cut a flap in the teepee,  by making two cuts vertically about 2 inches long about 2 inches apart, then fold the teepee flat up. You can stick drinking straws through the top if you want to have more support for your tepee. That’s all there is to it! Decorate your tepee with some great Native American designs, pre-cut designs and shapes. Keep in mind that the kids can cut their teepee shape ahead of time decorate it with/ Native American designs and then assemble it.


Native Symbols Painting-This art project can also be a healthy snack!

You will need:

White Bread

Food Coloring



Mix a few drops of food coloring with one teaspoon of milk. Make sure that you do several colors. Provide the kids with new clean paintbrushes. Let them paint Native American signs on a piece of White Bread. Toast on normal setting.  Pictures become vibrant in color after toasting, and this is a healthy and fun snack.

  • Pilgrims-The other part of the month can be focused on the Pilgrims and their contributions to the original Thanksgiving.


Books to Read:

The Thanksgiving Story

By: Alice Dalgliesh

The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving

By: Ann McGovern


Log Cabins-This easy to make cabins are also fun to make.

You will need:

Stick pretzels

Construction paper


Using your imagination and build your own log cabin you might go camping in. Glue the stick pretzels to the construction paper in the pattern of a log cabin.


Easy Pilgrim Hat-This will require some help from an adult, but it is a very fun       craft to do for Thanksgiving.

You will need:

Large sheet of craft mailing paper

Masking Tape

Black construction paper

Bucket (beach bucket or plant pot)

Using the black paper, place it around the rim of the bucket. Cut a strip to fit around the paper. (You can take foil to make a buckle if you would like) Place the   paper centered over the upside-down bucket.  Have the child press the paper down with hands around bucket to shape. Take masking tape and go around the bucket. This will hold your shape. Place your black strips on top of the masking tape. Remove hat from bucket.


Sweet Cornucopia’s-This sweet treat will thrill the preschoolers.

You will need:

Sugar Cones

Fruit shaped gummies or Fruit shaped cereal

Icing in a tube


Small paper plate


Fill the sugar cone up with icing. Tie the ribbon around the opening of the cone for decoration. Place your fruit shaped treats in side the cone. Lay your cone down on a doily-covered plate. Let the fruit treats scatter out of the opening.

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