Great Preschool Themes for November

November can be an exciting time in the life of a preschooler. There is so much to learn and to do. Many preschools and daycare settings choose to focus the entire month of November, on the many aspects of Thanksgiving. This can be a great way to help children in this age group, not only learn about Thanksgiving, but it can also be used to help teach alphabet, number, nutrition, and even motor skills. Whether you are looking for ideas, for an entire class of preschoolers, or just the one you have at home, here are some ideas to get you started.

  • For a Thanksgiving theme-


Books to Read:

Thanksgiving Cats

By: Jean Marzoll

Cranberry Thanksgiving

By: Harry Devlin


Thankful Chain-This fun craft can help kids learn about the true meaning of           gratitude.

You will need:

Construction Paper (Fall Colors)

Glue or Tape or Stapler

Marker or Pen

To begin an adult should cut several 3×8 inch strips out of the construction paper. An adult will have to help the child finish the statement, “I am thankful for …”

Try to think of many things you are thankful for and write on as many strips as possible. Once all the writing is done, the child can make a paper chain using the strips! Start by forming one of the strips into a circle and gluing/taping/staple the short ends together. Make sure the writing side is out. Take a second strip and stick it through the center of the first circle you made, and tape/ glue/ the two short ends together. Continue this until you have used all your strips.


Corn Cob Painting-Kids love the idea of using something unexpected to paint       with.

You will need:

Corn on the cob (any size)

Tempera Paint (any color)

Paper plates

Paint Brushes

Paper to paint on


First cover the table with newspaper to protect it. Place a small amount of paint into paper plates. You can paint two ways: by either rolling your cob in the paint or you can take a paint brush and paint one color then another then another on your cob. This will cause a multicolor effect. You can make these pictures into placemats, cards or even paint on brown packaging paper and use it as wrapping paper.


“Blessing Mix”-This can be used as a treat, right before the Thanksgiving break.

You will need:

Each ingredient represents something related to Thanksgiving:

Bugles corn snacks-a cornucopia

Pretzels-arms folded in prayer

Candy corn-the five kernels of corn each of the pilgrims were allotted per day during their first winter because food was so scarce

Dried fruits-Thanksgiving is the celebration of the harvest

Peanuts or sunflower seeds-seeds represent the potential of a bounteous harvest for the next season if they are planted and well-tended.

  • Turkey theme-A smaller theme about turkeys can be used within the Thanksgiving theme.


Books to Read:

Arthur’s Thanksgiving

By: Marc Brown

‘Twas the Night before Thanksgiving “

By: Dav Pilkey


Turkey Friends-This iconic craft makes for a whole of fun, but make sure that you keep an eye on the toothpick use.

You will need:

1 red apple

1 large marshmallow

5-6 small marshmallows

12-14 raisins

As many toothpicks as marshmallows

1 candy corn

To put the turkey together:

Place apple on hard surface with stem up. Take off stem if there is one.

On each toothpick, you will have 2 raisins and 1 marshmallow. The marshmallow   will be at the top (or rounded tip of the pick) and the raisins will be below the marshmallow. Evenly space the toothpicks directly behind where the stem would have been. Directly opposite of where the marshmallow/raisin toothpicks are is where you will place the large marshmallow face.


To make the face:

Use 2 raisins for the eyes; push them into the large marshmallow. Use the 1 candy corn for the nose; push the corn into the marshmallow using the pointed end.  Mount the head and you have a turkey.

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