Where to Sell Sewing Crafts

Sewing crafts have become quite popular in the crafting world today. There are thousands of different sewing crafts available for you to make on your own or just to buy. Many individuals began the art of sewing thinking it would be simply a pastime or a hobby they would pursue if they had time. For some it continues to stay that way, and for others they have realized that their new found hobby has actually become another part time job. Many people who have started sewing crafts have also begun to sell them. If you are among this group and are trying to figure out where to sell sewing crafts this article might give you some ideas on where you can make a profit on something you seem to have a knack for.

Craft Boutiques/ Craft Shows

Craft shows are probably the best place to market and sell your sewing crafts. The reason for that is because those who come to the craft shows are usually interested in buying something, and have also come looking for specific things. Either way, it’s a pretty safe bet that you will sell at least some of your product. Another reason craft shows and craft boutiques are a great place to set up your new sewing craft is because it gets your name and your face out there. If you have a new idea that hasn’t been seen before this is a great place to show the world your new product. And if it’s a product that customers see themselves using or needing you’re bound to sell a good portion of it.

Craft Malls & Craft stores

Craft malls are somewhat similar to craft shows in that the mall is full of different crafts for you to buy and sell. The biggest difference is that you would have your own store to sell your product, or a booth if you were renting a space from a craft store. There are some stores that a designated specifically for homemade crafts and will allow you to rent a booth or spot in the store from them for you to advertise your product. The advantage to craft stores and craft malls is that you can keep your product out for as long as you want. The disadvantage to craft stores and craft malls is that sometimes for potential buyers there is too much distraction from so many other craft ideas. You can only see and buy so many crafts a day right. So in a craft mall and craft store you have much more competition.

Yard Sales

Although this may not be the most ideal place to sell your sewing craft it can be a good starting point, especially if you’re just testing out the waters. People are fairly honest when it comes to yard sale shopping and will always try to swindle the price down. Put a price on your sewing crafts and see what people will actually pay for it. Selling your sewing craft in a yard sale is also a great way to get some helpful feedback from people you’ll probably never see again. You might not be able to sell the crafts for very much at a yard sale, but you will get a good idea of what the market is for them and how much people would be willing to pay.

The Internet

Since just about everyone has access to a computer and the Internet at home, this has become probably the most popular way to market all sorts of products, including sewing crafts. The Internet allows you to a much larger audience; people all over the world can see your product and have the opportunity to buy it. You have to make sure that if you decide to sell your sewing crafts this way that you have a great web page and find a way to make it to the top of the search engine as there are millions of others who have the same idea. You might browse through Etsy to get ideas on selling your handicraft.

So here are a few ideas on where to sell sewing crafts if you’ve decided you want to market what you’ve made. Hopefully one of these suggestions will work for you and if they don’t there are probably some other ways to sell your sewing craft; you just have to be creative.

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