Basic Scrapbooking Tools

Every scrapbooker knows that there are some very basic scrapbooking tools you need in order to get the basic scrapbooking stuff done. If you are new to the world of scrapbooking however, you may not be as familiar with the necessary tools you need to scrapbook. With the every growing popularity of scrapbooking and a number of different techniques and tools available to scrapbookers it’s hard to know which tools you need and which ones are just fun to have around. Here is a look at some of the most basic scrapbooking tools every scrapbooker will need.

1.Scissors are a must have tool for every scrapbooker as scrapbooking entails a lot of cutting. There are however specific scissors that you will need for your basic scrapbooking needs and others that simply add design and texture. A good pair of sharp scissors will work just find for all your cutting needs and can be found at any craft or scrapbooking store. You will also need a good pair of small craft scissors as they come in very useful for trimming small pieces of paper or ribbon, trimming rough edges on die cuts, and poking small holes. Depending on your project will depend on what type of scissors you find most useful, but having both is a good idea.

2.Paper Trimmers are another basic scrapbooking tool that you will quickly find useful to your scrapbooking needs. Some people think that if they have a good pair of scissors they don’t need a paper trimmer but it’s just not true. A paper trimmer allows you to cut straight on the paper and to cut square pieces from large pieces of paper. They come in a variety of different sizes from very large to small portable trimmers. The best choice for a beginner scrapbooker is to use a portable smaller paper trimmer that can cut 8×11 papers as well as 12×12 papers. Find a paper trimmer that has replaceable blades and can fit easily into a carrying tote or bag.

3.A self healing mat might be an obvious tool to have when you have been any type of experience with scrapbooking but for a beginner it may not look like something you necessarily need. There are some things you will need to cut using a craft knife and having a self healing mat is a great working surface to do it on. They can be cleaned easily after using and can be used with paints, stamps, and other scrapbooking projects to make the surface you are working on flat and repairable. Self healing mats do just exactly what they are called; they “self heal” so you can use them again and again.

4.Adhesives are yet another basic scrapbooking tool you will need to put papers together or put pictures onto papers without damaging the paper or the picture. As a beginner you may be prone to using a regular glue stick but this will damage the paper and cause the paper and picture to warp. In the world of scrapbooking there are three basic adhesives to use; a tape runner, a glue stick (acid free), and liquid adhesives. A tape runner works best for adhering paper, photos, or lightweight elements to the paper. An acid free glue stick can be used for adhering large areas of paper, and liquid adhesives are usually used for adhering heavy elements like three dimensional embellishments like buttons.

5.A fine black pen will always come in handy when you enter the world of scrapbooking. You can not only use your pen to do some detailed journaling but it can also come in handy for doodling on pages, drawing shapes, and to add other embellishment to the scrapbook page.

This list of course only scratches the surface of tools you will need and want as you become better at scrapbooking. Some other basic scrapbooking tools you might consider buying are a ruler, a hole punch, and a craft knife.

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