Making Yarn Dogs

There are so many different things that you can do with yarn, but one of the most fun is make a yarn dog. Whether you are looking for a party craft, or just some fun with your kids, these crafts can do both. Here are some crafts and ideas for making yarn dogs-
Yarn dog-This clever little dog, is made basically from yarn and a hanger.

You will need:

  • Two or more balls of yarn (of any color)
  • A metal hanger
  • A large two or three inch sewing needle
  • Scissors

Instructions for the project: The first thing you do is form the yarn dog skeleton. This can be done by stretching the metal hanger, so that it resembles a short snake with a hooked head. To begin forming the dog body, at the section of the metal hanger where the split begins, start folding it so that it creates a figure. The first two legs should resemble spiked folds with the neck and head of the yarn dog, longer than the hind portion of the yarn dog. The two hind legs should resemble smaller spiked folds with a hump to represent the back of the yarn dog and a loop for the yarn dog’s tail. Keep in mind that if the yarn dog skeleton, is created correctly, then it should stand level, and evenly on any surface. If your yarn dog skeleton is not standing evenly, then you can re-adjust the folding of the metal hanger, until it reflects an even, standing structure. Once you are finished forming the skeleton, it’s time to start adding flesh to the yarn dog. The first step is to start by taking a piece of yarn, and place it between your thumb, and your index finger. Next, turn your right hand or left hand, if you are left handed to the side. Carefully and slowly, begin wrapping the yarn, around your hand, at the top near your thumb. You will need to do this procedure twenty times and then using the scissors, cut the yarn. To create the tail and the ears, create the same yarn bundle. When you are done tie, the bundle you have created, to a piece of yarn to the bundle, on the inside of the bundle so that one side of the bundle is bound, while the other side is not unbound. You can then tie the yarn bundle with the bounded side to the yarn skeleton. Afterwards, take the pair of scissors and cut the unbounded portion of the yarn bundle, which should be hanging downward from the yarn skeleton.

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