Dying Eggs for Easter

Dying eggs is one of the most popular traditions of Easter and it just so happens that it is also one of the easiest crafts that you can do. A very simple way that many people color eggs is to buy an egg coloring kit at the store, dissolve the color tablets in cups of water and vinegar, and then just dip the hard-boiled eggs in to dye them. If you would rather do something a little different, you can always use water colors or even finger paint to decorate the outside of the egg. Just keep in mind that the less organic or edible your decorating materials are the more you will need to be selective when it comes to actually eating your eggs when you are done. Some people add a little flare to the traditional dying method that was first mentioned by coloring their egg with a white crayon before dying it or adding oil to the dye mix to achieve a tie-dye effect. There are all kinds of different techniques that you can try that involve adding different patterns to the egg such as applying the dye with a sponge instead of fully submerging it. The possibilities are endless! Be creative. This project is really hard to do “wrong” no matter how much of a beginner you are.

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