Easy Crafts to Sell that Make You Money

Millions of people today are capitalizing on their crafting hobby and loving every minute of it. Can you think of a better business to have than something you already love doing and that’ you’re good at? If you have been toying with the same idea but haven’t found that once craft that you love don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of easy crafts to sell that make you money.

Before you begin your search you need to sit down and think about some different things that you are good at and like doing in your spare time. Some people fall into the mistake of thinking that you have to come up with a craft that you have never tried making or doing before and then get discouraged because it’s either something they don’t “get” and are not having a good time making it, or it’s taking them way too much time and they’re not making enough of a profit to continue. Everyone has a creative side; you just need to get in touch with it. Experiment with different things and figure out what you love and are good at. Then you can build on those talents.

Finding easy crafts to sell that make you money isn’t as hard as you may think. There is however a couple of factors that contribute to whether or not they sell well enough to make money off of them. One of the factors is the time of year, and another is the price. These are probably the two most important considerations to make before trying to sell your finished product. Depending on what you decide to make and sell, the time of year can play a vital roll. For example, if you’re talent is making scented candles the time of year may not matter so much because people buy them year round. But if you decide to make Christmas decor for the home, the best time to sell that decor is during the winter season before Christmas (unless you sell it at clearance prices during the summer, which is not such a bad idea). The second contributor to finding easy crafts to sell that make money is the price. Although it is home made, overpricing can kill your sales quota goals. A general rule of thumb for an easy and quick sale is to keep the price at $20 or less; which means that you should be able to produce it for much less than that in order to make some money on it.

Here are some easy crafts to sell that make money

Wood Crafts

Almost anything that’s made of wood will sell quite well. Some wooden craft ideas might be things you can use for the garden (shovels, water cans, etc.), Christmas ornaments and home decor, and really any type of home decor. People are always looking for unique pieces to display in their homes so if you have a knack with wood then try your hand at creating some home made wood pieces.

Sewn Crafts

Sewing is a big hit too, and depending on where you live it can be a major money maker. People love home sewn things such as quillows (pillows that can be changed into a small quilt), pot holders, baby quilts, table runners, and pretty much anything you can think of. Most people don’t have time to make the things they like, but love the look of a custom home sewn item.

Seasonal Crafts

If you want to make sure that you’re in business all year round you will have to think of some craft that is available and people want all year. People love to decorate their doors with some kind of wreath or hanging during the holiday seasons. There is a holiday for practically every month of the year so season door and wall hangings will sell very well.

Collectible Crafts

People also love to collect things. If you can come up with an idea that people can collect to display in their homes you are sure to make some extra money. So think about what people like to collect. It’s obviously going to very with everyone but narrow down your thinking by defining your target audience. For example, you could sell collectible roosters as home decor to “down home country women.” Well, maybe not the best example, but you get the point. You could make many different items

Easy crafts to sell that make you money are out there all over the place you just have to be a little creative.

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    does anyone know any good craft ideas to sell for a student craft sale ? Im having a HUGE problem figuring out a item. Its just not easy if anyone can help I will appreciate it! thankss 😀

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