Clay Pot Lighthouse

This is a fun and easy clay pot craft to do. With a little paint and a few clay pots, you can create a lighthouse to brighten up someone’s flower garden or home. Here are the items you need to get started:

4 different sized clay pots. 1 inch, 3 inch, 5 inch, and 7 inch should work nicely.
1 small clay pot saucer for the top and one larger clay pot saucer to fit under the bottom clay pot.
Acrylic paint. Any color you like will work, white, black, yellow, beige, and brown are easy colors to work with for a lighthouse.
Paint brushes.
Hot glue gun.
Brown ribbon.
Seashells, starfish, or other small decorations of your choice.

Once you have gathered all the necessary items, you can begin creating your lighthouse. Paint the bottom 3 pots with white paint and let them dry, then paint the smallest of the pots yellow and let it dry. Paint the bottom rim of each white pot with blue. You should paint the smallest clay saucer black and the larger saucer beige. To add a little “age” to your lighthouse you can dry brush brown on the white and white on the blue and black. Paint windows on the lighthouse with black paint and add dabs of yellow in them to make it look like someone lives in the lighthouse. Once everything is dry, its time to assemble your lighthouse.

Start by turning the larger saucer upside down and placing the largest pot on top of it, and repeat this process with each pot. Glue the pots together with a hot glue gun (if you are displaying the pot outside, use glue that can withstand the weather). Turn the small saucer upside down and glue it to the top saucer (this represents your light). Decorate your lighthouse with seashells, starfish, and try gluing a seagull to the top of the lighthouse to give a realistic look!

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