Best Sites for Printable File Folder Games

Keeping kids entertained with quiet toys or games can be a challenge sometimes. One way you can do this is through file folder games.

File folder games are an inexpensive and fun way to not only keep kids entertained, but help them learn basics such as shapes, colors, numbers, reading, and so forth. Parents who enjoy crafting will also like making file folder games, which involve printing patterns off and then assembling them on to file folders.

Printable file folder games are usually free and very easy to find online by doing a simple Internet search. The following are some of the best sites for printable file folder games for kids of all ages, for both fun as well as educational purposes.

MormonChic: If you need to keep kids entertained with a quiet game during church, this is a good site for that. While many of these printable file folder games have religious themes, such as Noah’s Ark or Daniel in the Lion’s Den, there are also others. This site includes detailed illustrated instructions as well as links to other sites that contain printable file folder games.

NGCSU: This is a great site for printable file folder games that teachers or parents who want to reinforce certain skills will like. Printable file folder games include phonics, the alphabet, and other educational games.

Preschool Printables: If you have preschool aged kids, this site has a number of printable file folders games for preschoolers. Kids will enjoy the bright games designed specifically designed for preschool age kids. This site has many printable file folders for teaching numbers, shapes, names of objects, and more.

File Folder Heaven. This is another site with many different types of file folder games to print off and put together. Subjects include matching, numbers, sorting, and adding, to name a few. You can also buy them if you want.

Teacher Tools: Another site that has primarily educational games, this website is a good one for teachers as well as parents and has links to printable file folder games for kids of all ages.

My File Folder Games: This site has cute games that can be purchased for a small fee, then printed off and assembled. Subjects include place value, telling time, leaning the difference between nouns and verbs, and more.

Giggly Games: This is a good site for printable file folder games you can download and then print off for free. There are a number of different themes for almost any occasions, including fun ones with bugs and themes like holidays, nutrition, teeth, counting, and more.

Making printable file folder games doesn’t require much. If you plan on making them, it’s a good idea to make sure your cartridge has enough color ink. You might also want to print the pieces off on cardstock and then laminate them. Materials you will need (other than file folders) are different for each one, but will typically include plastic zip-top bags to keep the pieces in, tape or glue, laminate covering, and markers.

You can find printable file folder games on a number of different websites. An Internet search will bring them up, but the above are just a few of the best sites. They include something for everyone, whether you want something educational or entertaining.

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susan March 7, 2010 at 10:44 am

I recently found another one…Centers in a Bag. They are printable, but you have to purchase them. Pre-k through 2nd.


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