File Folder Games for Preschoolers

As preschoolers prepare for kindergarten, there are a number of different things they should know to be best prepared. There are many different educational toys and books available to help them learn, but parents can also make educational games for their kids easily and inexpensively through file folder games.

File folder games are a fun way to not only help kids learn basics such as shapes, colors, numbers, reading, and so forth, but they are also a great way to keep kids entertained when a quiet toy or game is needed. Parents who enjoy crafting will also like making file folder games, which involve printing patterns off and then assembling them on to file folders. The pieces are often stored in zip-top bags attached to the inside of the file folder, so they don’t get lost.

What should preschoolers be learning about?

Preschoolers are usually preparing for kindergarten by learning a number of different things. There are many file folder games that you can put together that will teach your preschoolers the principles and concepts. File folder games can also help preschoolers be ready for kindergarten by providing fun, easy games to help them learn a variety of concepts, including:

§ Body parts. File folder games can help preschoolers identify different body parts by velcroing them onto paper dolls in file folders.

§ Colors. Preschoolers can learn colors by identifying common objects of different colors.

§ Shapes. Kids can match various shapes through fun file folder games

§ Counting. File folder games are a great way to teach preschoolers how to count.

§ Animals. File folder games can also help preschool age children identify and learn different types of animals and their habitats; for example, matching a squirrel with a tree or a fish with water.

Places to find file folder games

If you would like to make file folder games for preschoolers, there are many websites that can give you ideas. The following are some of the best websites for preschool file folder games:

Preschool Printables: This site has a number of printable file folders games for preschoolers and is made specifically for preschool age children. Kids will enjoy the bright games designed specifically designed for preschool age kids. This site has many printable file folders for teaching numbers, shapes, names of objects, and more.

My File Folder Games: This website has file folder games for free or a small price to download. Game themes include matching upper and lowercase letters, learning numbers and counting, and identifying shapes and different colors.

Giggly Games: While this site has file folder games for all ages, it has many themes for preschoolers. There are many different games you can download and print off for almost any occasion that would be appropriate for preschoolers, including strictly for fun games as well as file folder games for learning things like holidays, nutrition, teeth, counting, and more. This is a good site for printable file folder games you can download and then print off for free.

Essortment: This site has instructions on how to make easy file folder games for your preschoolers. File folder games include matching and rhyming, to name a couple.

File folder games are an excellent, inexpensive, and easy way to entertain preschool age children. They are also a great way to teach concepts they will need to know upon entering kindergarten, such as the alphabet, shapes, numbers, and more.

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