Printable File Folder Games for Teachers

File folder games are commonly used by kindergarten teachers on up to the 4th grade to teach children how to count, identify shapes and colors, and to enjoy leaning. File folder games are wonderful for teachers who have limited storage space and have limited budgets. You can create numerous file folder games on your own, or use printable file folder games that can be found online or can be purchased at or at your local craft store.

When you begin creating file folder games, you will need the following materials:

•Computer with printer
•Velcro with adhesive strips
•Cardstock paper
•Laminator or clear contact paper
•Manila or colored file folders
•Double-stick tape

A popular file folder is the adding game. This is a simple game that can be made with a file folder, paper, and markers. Glue the paper onto both sides of the manila folder and write numbers on the paper, four rows with about twenty numbers per page. You can find several web sites that allow you to download the numbers and all you have to do is glue the paper onto the manila folder.

Downloading the adding game is much easier than writing in everything yourself. If you do create the numbers yourself, you will use another piece of paper and cut windows to reveal the numbers below. This game can be changed from the adding game to multiplication, division, or other mathematical formulas and write the numbers on the window.

The game works by having the child open the window to reveal the correct answer, for example: “Two plus two is equal to (blank)”, and have them open the window and reveal the number that should be four behind the window.

Rhyming games are another great way to teach children how to find words that rhyme. Use words that rhyme such as “duck/truck, kite/light, chair/bear, bee/tree, etc.” You can download different rhymes from web sites like Enchanted Learning. You will need a manila file folder, paper, a printer, glue stick or Elmer’s glue, hot glue, yarn, scissors, Velcro, marker, and laminate paper. The rhyming items will be glued to both sides of the manila folder. The items they are rhyming with need to be apart from each other to make the matching game a little more challenging.

Once you have all this in order, you will need to laminate the two pieces of paper to the manila folder to make the game sturdy for a lot of use. Once you have finished this, cut out eight pieces of yarn and hot glue one end of each piece to the picture on the left on both sides of the manila folder. Tie the other end of the yarn into a small circle that can wrap around a button. Using your hot glue gun, glue buttons next to the sides of the pictures on the right. The students will then be able to attach the string from one item to the button of the matching item. This is an easy way to help them identify objects and learn how to rhyme.

With any file folder game be sure to create an answer page and attach it to the back of each manila folder so your students can compare their answers when they have completed the game. Each manila folder should also include a label so you can easily identify which game is which when they are stored in the filing cabinet or closet.

You can come up with several ideas for file folder games from the following web sites:

Enchanted Learning
My File Folder Games
Childcare Land

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