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Using Picture Books to Teach

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History of Picture Books

The picture book is a form of illustrated literature popularized in the twentieth century. Although the illustrations can use a range of media from oil painting to collage to quilting, they are most commonly watercolor or pencil drawings. Picture books are for young children, and while some may have very basic language, most are written […]

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Why Use Online Picture Books

There are many picture books available. They can be found at libraries, book stores, schools, and homes. Because there are so many regular picture books available, a person may wonder why they should even considered using online picture books to teach their children instead of using regular picture books. There are actually several good reasons […]

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Which Online Picture Books Are Good For Teaching?

Reading is a great way to open up different worlds and to learn about many things. Online picture books give parents and teachers a terrific opportunity to teach their children/students about many things. But with so many books available it can be hard to know which online picture books are good to use to teach […]

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Using Online Picture Books To Teach Reading and Writing To Children

From games to keeping in touch with friend, the internet provides children with many different opportunities these days. One other great opportunity that the internet provides is the opportunity to view and read picture books online. This article talks about how online picture books may be used to teach children to read and write. Teaching […]

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Using Online Picture Books To Teach A Variety Of Things

For hundreds of years picture books have been used to teach children, and adults, many things about the world. In today’s modern society, online picture books can be used to teach the same things that paper picture books have in the past. This article discusses the many things that online picture books can teach people. […]

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