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Make Play Dough

4th of July Crafts

Printable File Folder Ideas for Summer

Colorful Folders

Preschools commonly use file folder games to help entertain and to teach kids numbers, shapes, counting, etc. Parents can also make great file folder games to help entertain their kids in quiet places like Church or even in the car. File folders games are wonderful for parents that are on a budget and need some […]

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Travel Add


Young learners can start to identify their numbers if they are given plenty of opportunities to do so. Your toddlers can easily learn their numbers up to 5 or even 10 if you are providing them with games where they can recognize them. Travel add will involve using things like the states where you are […]

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Ladder Golf Craft and How to Play

Golf Balls

In the past this game was highly unheard of, but it has soared in popularity over the past few years. The way this game works is you construct a target out of PVC piping, or other plastic piping. The target should have three rungs. The lowest rung gets you the most points (usually 3), the […]

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Sequin Flag Magnet


Part of the fun of making magnet crafts is that they can reflect any holiday or time of the year. There are virtually no limits on what kind of magnets you can make but it is fun to have seasonal magnets to reflect your surroundings. You can keep them to decorate your home or use […]

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Holiday Candy Tower


Holiday topiaries are made out of two of the most popular elements that define the holidays, food and decorations. No matter if you are celebrating Christmas, Easter or the 4th of July, chances are that you can think of a gathering where a certain type of food is served in a specific kind of environment. […]

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Holiday Topiaries


Candy topiaries make for great conversation starters and colorful centerpieces for just about any occasion. A candy topiary instantly adds interest and color to your table. The great thing about them is that you can make them yourself and that means that you get exactly what you want every time. You can apply the same […]

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Holiday Mobiles

Fruit and Vegetable Mobile

Mobiles are a great way to add life and variety to your decor. There are many different themes that can be used for mobiles and some of the best themes go along with holidays or special seasons. Here are some ideas for holiday mobiles to help you get started on your ideas. When anyone thinks […]

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Patriotic Fans

Flag for July 4th

These fans are perfect for hot weather or waving at parades. Materials needed: • Wooden paint stirrer • 2 squares of cardstock, one white and one blue, for each fan • Glue • Red tape • Sticker stars Instructions: 1. Decorate one of the white sides of the fan with red tape to resemble a […]

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Patriotic Pinwheel

Boy Holding Pinwheel

Perfect for parades or playing outside, this patriotic pinwheel is simple to make: Materials Needed: • 2 square pieces of construction paper • Scissors • Hole punch • Push-pin • Un-sharpened pencil with an eraser • Markers or crayons Instructions: 1. Place the two pieces of paper together and fold diagonally once, so the papers […]

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4th of July Wreath


With the 4th of July coming up and school out, there are plenty of ways you can keep your kids entertained while there’s no school and have fun preparing to celebrate the birth of our nation. The following are 3 easy 4th of July crafts that kids will have fun doing. Each of these crafts […]

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