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Make Play Dough

Apple Crafts

Apple Wreath and Apple Garland

Basket of Apples

The aromas of apple pie are an irresistible smell to most. This can easily be created in your own home. Simply by making cinnamon scented apple crafts for this fall year. You can create and apple wreath, an apple garland, or an apple stacker. Not only will give you the smell of apple pie but […]

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Decorate with Apples for Fall


Decorating your house for the fall season has a variety of options. However since the autumn season is the season for apples, many people try to decorate with apples. Since crafting has grown in popularity over the past couple of years through the economies struggle, there are many different crafts your can do yourself to […]

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More Apple Crafts for Fall

Apple with Wick

Not only is crafting gaining popularity with the economy in a recession. But crafting can also be a fun spare time activity as well as a creative decoration option. Instead of purchasing homemade crafts you can create your own. Autumn season is the best time for apples, and to begin doing apple crafts. Do you […]

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Apple Crafts for Fall

Red Apple

The best season for apples is in the fall. You can do many apple crafts with your kids during this season. Not only are kids told the story of Johnny apple seed, but they become knowledgeable of the fruit itself. There are many crafts you can do with apples. Here is an example of two […]

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How to Paint Gourds


Painting gourds has become a popular craft for kids and adults to participate in. You can decorate a gourd for Halloween or you can turn it into a masterpiece. Your imagination is the your only limit. If you do not feel that you can create a master piece you’re incorrect. Painting gourds is a simple […]

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Pom Pom Apple Necklace


This would be a great craft to accompany a lesson about apples in the classroom. What you will need: Brown Pony Bead Green Felt or Construction Paper Red Pom-pom (1-2 inches) Glue Yarn or String Instructions for the project: Keep in mind that the red (you could also use green or yellow) pom-pom will be […]

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Giftable Apple Crafts

Apple in a Tree

One of the best things about apple crafts is their versatility. You can create them as gifts or home décor decorations. Here are some great ideas on apple crafts that you can use as gifts. Apple Candleholders * Materials Needed: Red apples Candles Lamb’s ear leaves Rosemary or your own choice of herbs Apple corer […]

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Apple Crafts For Teens

Teen with Pink Tennis Shoes

Picture it: you want to do a fun, bonding activity with your teens but nothing, aside from chores and activities that don’t involve the family, comes to mind. There are many fun, interesting things you can do with your teen, including crafts. Here are some great apple crafts that you can do with teens. Apple […]

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Apple Crafts To Do With Children

Two Boys

There are many activities that can be done with children though many don’t result in a permanent treasure. Apple crafts are not only fun and pretty but functional as well. Here are some apple crafts that you can do with children. Apple Pin, Necklace or Magnet * Materials Needed: Paper and printer Scissors Styrofoam trays […]

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Apple Crafts For The Whole Family

Apple on Apple Tree

While apple crafts are designed for children of all ages, that doesn’t mean they can’t become a family activity. Here are some great apple crafts that the whole family can enjoy. Apple Print Craft * Materials Needed: Apples Paper towels Styrofoam plate, meat tray or other shallow dish Paint Construction paper * Directions: Cut the […]

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