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Make Play Dough

Back To School Crafts

How to Paint Gourds


Painting gourds has become a popular craft for kids and adults to participate in. You can decorate a gourd for Halloween or you can turn it into a masterpiece. Your imagination is the your only limit. If you do not feel that you can create a master piece you’re incorrect. Painting gourds is a simple […]

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Flag Match Printable File Folder

Map of the United States

Since summer has the 4th of July as a holiday you should take this as an opportunity to help your kids learn about the United States. Choose a few different flags of the states and place them as templates in the file folder. Then the kids need to work on matching up the flags to […]

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Dinosaur Spell


It’s no question that kids are fascinated with dinosaurs. Print out several dinosaurs and have your kids match up their names to the dinosaur templates that you can change out. You can also have them try and spell the names of the dinosaurs, but this can be very hard as the names are complex. Instead […]

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Macaroni Animals for Fun

Macaroni Noodle

Macaroni Animals are a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages to make, specifically children of preschool age. The different kinds of Macaroni Animals you can make are as broad as your imagination. Any kind of pasta can be used, just make sure the pasta is hollow in the middle so it can […]

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Macaroni Animals by Theme

Pasta Noodles

Macaroni Animals are a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages to do, even as young as preschool age. There are all sorts of Macaroni Animals you can make with all kinds of dry pasta; as long as the pasta can be strung through pipe cleaner it will work for this craft. This […]

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Gourd Painting Basics

Gourds with Googly Eyes

When people think of gourds, they think of Halloween or autumn decorations. This is a true fact gourds can be a great accent for decoration outside or inside. Gourds are not limited to just squash, but pumpkins, and more. But similar to other crafts and decorations you can add to them by painting a design […]

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Tween Crafty Canvas Shoes


Canvas shoes: Tweens love expressing themselves in their clothing, including their footwear, they will have a blast with this easy craft. Here is what you need: One pair of basic canvas shoes in the size of each tween participating in the craft, in the color that they will want most. *Accessories: Ribbon Buttons Gems Craft […]

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Tween Crafty Flower Pens


Flower pens: An easy, fun craft for tweens is to help them make flower pens. Give them a journal where they can record their most private thoughts, and then let them make the pens they will use to write in the journal with. You can make the craft even better by letting them decorate their […]

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Tween Crafty Bracelets


Tweens are in a very tricky stage of life. They want to be grown up, but they also are little kids. This makes entertaining them difficult as well. One fun way to keep tweens happy during the summer months and help them avoid boredom is to provide them with simple, but rewarding crafts: Bracelets: Tweens […]

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Autumn Leaves Soap

Autumn Leaves

This crafty soap will bring a touch of autumn into bathrooms and kitchens. This craft project is a new take on traditional soap and is super easy. Keep in mind that each of the leaves has enough soap on them for a single hand wash. When you’re done, you can just toss them into the […]

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Laminated Art Bookmarks

Colored Pencils

You can let your child explore their creative side by laminating their own artwork and transforming it into a bookmark. These are perfect for back to school. What you will need: White construction paper Crayons and colored pencils Scissors Peel & stick laminating film Yarn & feathers (optional) Instructions for the project- Carefully fold and […]

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Desktop Supply Box

Desk Supplies

Most kids love the idea of decorating. While making a craft can seem overwhelming knowing that you can use your creativity can be both fun and freeing for your child. If you are looking for fun crafts that stretch yours and your child’s creative muscles then these would be good to try. Here are some […]

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Amazing Assemblages

Paint and Brushes

An assemblage (also known as a diorama) is a sculptural arrangement of objects (usually everyday ones) with bits of wood, paper or fabric. There is a lot of art history that you can cover with your child concerning this type of art. Have your child focus on himself as he gathers objects for an amazing […]

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Cave Painting

Cave Painting

Whether you are looking for a fun way to fill those hours after school or want to help your kids get back in the school groove these crafts can be both fun and provide some learning opportunities. Best of all crafting with your kids can create memories that will last a lifetime and these crafts […]

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Changeable Carryall Tins

Tin of Mints

These can be great if you need a handy place to stash lunch money, notes, or other small but important items. What you will need: Small, empty metal box, such as the kind Altoids mints come in Craft paper Adhesive-backed magnetic sheet Colored pencils or markers Time needed: Under 1 Hour Instructions for the project: […]

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Blue Jean Book Bag

Blue Jeans

If your kids are facing those last days of summer with nothing to do and to much time on their hands you may want to consider having them try some of these back to school crafts. These homemade school supplies are fun to make and while they may not inspire your kids to get back […]

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