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Make Play Dough

Bible Crafts

Recycled Card Decoupage Ornaments

Christmas Ornament

Decoupage just may be the perfect craft for kids. The materials are easy to find and affordable and best of all decoupage can be done by everyone. Even the youngest kids enjoy painting on decoupage glue (which is highly forgiving). So if you are looking for an afternoon of fun with your kids or a […]

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Ponybead Angel Pattern

Assorted Beads

Patterns for jewelry crafts can make creating your jewelry much easier. Let’s take a look at just a few patterns that you can use for your jewelry crafts. This first one is an angel pattern made of pony beads. This can be used as a charm on any bracelet, necklace, cell phone or wine glass. […]

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Prodigal Son Feast Collage

Family Feast

When the prodigal son came home the father had a big celebration along with a big feast. One fun idea is to have the kids create a feast collage. You can bring in different magazines that have various pictures of food and have the kids cut out all the pictures that they would have at […]

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Prodigal Son Father’s Day Card

Father and Son

Since this story has a lot to do with the return of a wayward son to his Father, it’s a great idea to do something around Fathers day to celebrate and thank their earthly Father’s for all that they do to help them make good choices, and love them unconditionally. Some ideas for Father’s day […]

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Prodigal Son Party

Father and Son Embracing

If you are not familiar with the story of the Prodigal son, the wayward son’s father threw a big part or celebration up the sons return home. Help the children understand that even when they make mistakes their Heavenly Father is happy when they decide to make a better choice and “come home.” You can […]

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Prodigal Son Book Mark

Book and Bookmark

The Prodigal son is yet another story found in the bible which is familiar to religious scholars and fairly familiar to the avid bible studier. Prodigal son bible crafts can really help emphasize the major points of the story and help children gain a better understanding of the hidden meaning. This will also help them […]

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Noah’s Ark: Paper Crafts

Noah's Ark

This is definitely one of the most commonly known stories from the bible and probably one of the most fun ones. Kids love this story. Here are some ideas for Noah’s Ark: Make some paper boats to symbolize the ark. The kids would probably make smaller ones than you, but you could actually make a […]

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Paper Crafts from the Bible


God created the world in seven days which gives you plenty of days to come up with some fun paper crafts to supplement this lesson. Here are some ideas to use: Paper garden Since the creation includes the Garden of Eden you can actually have the kids create their own garden with animals and the […]

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Parable of the Lost Sheep

Little Lamb

Finding ideas for creating crafts can sometimes be difficult and very overwhelming. There are hundreds of ideas out there but how do you know where to start. Paper bible crafts can really supplement your lessons and help bring extra understanding for the children. There are also some fun paper crafts you can use at home […]

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Lambs and Shepherds: Old Testament

Two Lambs

One big theme throughout the bible is that of Jesus Christ being the “Lamb of God” or the “Good Shepherd.” There are a lot of animal crafts that go along with lambs and shepherds that kids can have a great time making. Here are some ideas for using lambs and Shepherds: Decorating a lamb with […]

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Picture Frames

Old Photo Frames

Picture frames are a great craft for any theme, but especially for bible crafts. If you have pictures of people from the bible you can easily find and paint wood picture frames to match the picture. Kids can also have a great time when it comes to decorating wood picture frames. You can buy small […]

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Serpents and Snakes: Old Testament

Green Snake

Since much of the Old Testament has to do with good vs. evil and Satan plays the role of the snake or serpent. Especially with the story of Adam and Even in the Garden of Even and she being tempted by the “serpent.” Kids love animals, and snakes can be a fun project to get […]

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In the religious world, crosses hold different significance for different religions. They have definitely become a symbol of worship and you can use wood to create your own bible cross craft. Depending on if you want to make them from scratch or not will determine the type of wood you use, and you will definitely […]

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Fish and Whale Crafts: Old Testament

Whale Fin

There are thousands of ideas you can use for crafting when it comes to the Old Testament. Just with the animals alone you could probably have a craft for every week of the year. There are also several themes that accompany the stories in the Old Testament portion of the bible that can be used […]

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Nativity Scene

Holy Bible

One of the most popular wood crafts in not only the biblical world, but also the religious world in general is hand crafted wood nativity sets. You have probably seen them in several places, some are intricately carved and have a lot of detail while others are fairly simple yet still make a statement. If […]

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Noah’s Rainbow

Beautiful Rainbow

There are virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to rainbow crafts. The best part about rainbows is that kids absolutely love them and are fascinated by all the colors and how a rainbow is made. You can paint rainbows on paper mixing and matching colors, you can make tissue paper rainbows using the tissue paper […]

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