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Make Play Dough

Chalk Recipes

**Make Washable Outside Paint**

Little Boy Sidewalk Chalk

Water Chalk A place to put it such as…. Sidewalk Face GET SOME WATER IN A CUP AND DIP THE CHALK JUST ONE PIECE IN WATER NOW WAIT UNTIL IT FIZZES AND THEN RUB IT ON THE PLACE YOU HAVE CHOOSE From Samantha, age 11, Ohio not telling my city

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Sand Art You Can Do

Multi-Colored Sand

Salt and various colors of chalk Place the amount of salt on a paper plate that you want for a particular color of “sand.” Gently rub the salt with a piece of colored chalk and the salt will become that color. After you have made all of the colors you want you can layer them […]

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Outdoor Playground Games

Hop Scotch

The park or playground is a great place for a kid to be a kid, and get all of their energy out. Playground games are an excellent way for kids to do that while interacting with others. 4- Square: This is a game where you have a rubber ball that bounces, and four squares drawn […]

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Homemade Chalk


Finally, the snow has melted, the grass is getting greener and all signs point to spring time. Spring is a favorite season for many who would rather be warm than cold. Spring time is also representative of life, with plants beginning to blossom and animals coming out of hiding, spring is a fun time to […]

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Finger or Chalk Paintings

Child's Hand

A fun way to be crafty near Easter time is to take the craft time outside and enjoy the spring weather. A simple bucket of chalk or some finger paints and smocks provide the base for an art project that a child of any age can do. If using finger paints, take your paper out […]

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Fun Reasons to Do Handprint Crafts

Hand Prints

Handprint crafts are crafts that you would want to make for many reasons. Making handprint crafts is an excellent way for children to be creative and artistic, and a fun way for mom and dad to preserve precious memories of their growing children. Handprint crafts are also relatively inexpensive as the most vital handprint material […]

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Handcrafted Handprints

Multicolored Child Hand Print

Handprint crafts are crafts that are made to display an individual’s (usually a child’s) handprints. Handprint crafts can be almost anything that you make using your hands and even your feet as a medium for the art. The first thing that many people think of when they think of handprint crafts is the hand and […]

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Trace or Paint Fingers and Hands

Child with Painted Hands

Finger paints and tracing As your little one gets older and more capable of controlling his hands, you can experiment with finger paints and have your kids trace their hands by themselves. When you are sure that your little ones are not going to eat too much of the finger paints, let them create art […]

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Spray Chalk

Colorful Chalk Pastels

1/2 cup water 4 tablespoons cornstarch 3-4 drops food coloring Mix all ingredients, place in sprayer bottle. Spray chalk is ready for immediate use! From Vickie, a reader, San Antonio, Texas

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