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Make Play Dough

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Tissue Holder

Box of Tissues

Large Oatmeal Box Wrapping paper Clear Tape or glue Card Stock for Lid Cover Clean out the oatmeal container. Cut a piece of gift wrap the height and circumference of the container. Wrap around the container and glue or tape in place. Cut a circle of decorated card stock to fit the recessed part of […]

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Candy Cane Letters

Candy Cane

A great way to help your children learn their letters is by creating a printable file folder game that focuses on candy cane letters. Using this game you will have all the letters of the alphabet printed on one side of the file folder game. Then you will print out a candy cane with different […]

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Santa Letters File Folder

Santa Letter

A fun game for your kids is to help them with their numbers by using Santa Claus. What you will need to do is find a nice cutout of Santa and print up enough for your kids so they will have plenty to work with each letter of the alphabet. On one side of the […]

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Making Beaded Napkin Rings


What you will need: Beads Thick Wire (about 1.2mm gauge) Headpins (x2) Round-nose pliers Flat-nose pliers Tube shaped object Instructions for the project: Step 1: Wrap the thick wire around the tube several times to create a spiral. Remove the wire carefully without pulling it out of shape. Step 2: By using the round-nose pliers, […]

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Bandanna Wreath

Red Bandana

Most people think of bandanas as something you wear on your head, or if you are a cowboy. However, bandanas can be used to create a number of fun craft projects. The following are a few of the things you can make with a bandana: Bandana wreath: These wreathes are very cute and homey. They […]

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Yarn Angels


These would look delightful decorating a small holiday tree. Keep in mind this project does require adult supervision. You will need: Flat Slotted Clothespin Two Wooden Kitchen Matches Fine white yarn Gold Paint Gold Cord Scissors Craft Knife Fine Point Marker Tacky Glue or Low Temp Glue Gun Angel Wings (out of foam or wood […]

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Crepe Paper Poinsettia


These can be ideal for embellishing wrapped gifts or fastening to a tree. What you will need: Pink, green, and maroon crepe paper Scissors Floral wire Floral tape White glue Instructions for the project: To make both the small and large petals you can use a template or simply cut out by hand. You will […]

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Ideas for A Christmas Crafting Party

Christmas Crafting

Christmas can be the perfect time to host a crafting party. This kind of party allows you to take some time from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to gather with family and friends to really enjoy some time together. You can use the craft party to make decorations or even gifts that […]

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Decoupage Holiday Card Box

Holiday Card

Whether you are looking to save money on holiday decorations, gifts or craft activities decoupage just might be the perfect craft for that. Many times those pricey holiday decorations can be recreated for a fraction of the price you would pay in the store. In addition there are great holiday gifts and crafts that can […]

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Resolution Magnet

Brown Yarn

This is a great craft to do on New Year’s Day when resolutions are fresh. The whole family can add their resolution to this reminder pouch and stick it the refrigerator where everyone will see it. What you will need: Hand Pattern (you can find one online or draw your own freehand) Yellow and Red […]

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Pom Pom Snowman Magnet


If you are looking for a fun afternoon of crafting possibilities to do with your kids you may want to try one or all of these magnet crafts. These projects are easy to do and produce a darling result that will look great on your fridge, locker or even decorating your plain old filing cabinet. […]

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Recycled Card Decoupage Ornaments

Christmas Ornament

Decoupage just may be the perfect craft for kids. The materials are easy to find and affordable and best of all decoupage can be done by everyone. Even the youngest kids enjoy painting on decoupage glue (which is highly forgiving). So if you are looking for an afternoon of fun with your kids or a […]

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Clay Pot Reindeer

Clay Pots

A clay pot reindeer is a wonderful decoration for the holiday season, and a fun craft to make with your children. It is a fast, fun, project that can keep you and your children entertained for an afternoon, and provide you with a cute holiday gift or decoration. The things you will need to make […]

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Giant Paper Plate Snowflake


This darling craft results in a giant “snowflake” on a paper plate but is really made up of several tracings of the child’s hand. This might be a great gift at holiday time especially for grandparents who live further away. What you will need: A paper plate White construction paper Scissors Glue (or a stapler) […]

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Paper Plate Snowflake Wreath


You can create a blizzard of lovely paper plate snowflakes by doing this craft. Younger kids can find this craft easy to do with great results. This could also function as a great addition to a lesson about weather or a winter themed party. What you will need: Paper plates White construction paper or cardstock […]

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Glitter Snowflakes

Silver Glitter

An ordinary piece of white paper is the basis for this inexpensive glitter snowflake craft. It’s simple and quick to make, but it will still challenge your creative instincts. What you will need: Paper Ruler Pencil Scissors Newspaper Craft glue Paint brush Silver glitter Paper plate Instructions for the project: Fold a piece of perfectly […]

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