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Craft Safety

Sewing Craft Safety


Sewing has made a comeback in today’s world and sewing crafts have also become a popular hobby and career for many individuals today. Whether you are an adult or a child learning to sew or an experienced seamstress, sewing craft safety is always an issue. Although sewing may not be the most dangerous hobby to […]

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Scrapbooking with Kids: Safety


Keeping things safe when scrapbooking with kids can be a hard chore to accomplish. Scrapbooking has lots of tools and other products that can be harmful to kids or even harmful to the supplies you have for scrapbooking. To keep things safe when scrapbooking with kids lets first look at how to keep your kids […]

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Pine Cone Craft Safety

Pine Cone

Pine cone crafts are fun and easy to do, not to mention highly affordable in many areas. Pine cones are the ideal craft component because they are not in short supply and therefore can either be found lying around or bought for a fairly reasonable price. Using pine cones takes away a lot of the […]

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Candle Craft Safety 101

Burning Candle

Creating candles is a fun and exciting crafting art. However, there are some basics that you should know before you get started. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are planning and creating your candle crafts. Start each and every craft with safety: Crafting can have some very hazardous parts to it: […]

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Safety Tips While Making Father’s Day Crafts

Boy and His Father

Homemade gifts are great and they are fun to make. Maybe you are going to make your dad a Father’s Day present this year. Any time you make any crafts around the house there are safety tips that you should follow. Some are for keeping you safe and some are for keeping the house and […]

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