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Make Play Dough

Crafts for Beginners

Printable File Folders for Winter

File Folders Pretty Colors

If you would like to create some fun activities for your kids that will aid in teaching them necessary skills of reading, math, and science using file folder games is a great option. File folder games allow you to make wonderful activities for your children by using printouts you can find online or purchase in […]

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Macaroni Animals for Fun

Macaroni Noodle

Macaroni Animals are a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages to make, specifically children of preschool age. The different kinds of Macaroni Animals you can make are as broad as your imagination. Any kind of pasta can be used, just make sure the pasta is hollow in the middle so it can […]

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Card Board Ghost

Halloween Ghosts

Cardboard, black, white, and orange paint Cut out the cardboard to look like a ghost,then paint it white let dry enough,next paint on the eyes along with any other doodad’s From jenna, age 12, georgia

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Tween Crafty Flower Pens


Flower pens: An easy, fun craft for tweens is to help them make flower pens. Give them a journal where they can record their most private thoughts, and then let them make the pens they will use to write in the journal with. You can make the craft even better by letting them decorate their […]

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Fun Layout Ideas for Your Family Tree

Family Tree with Quote about Family

Would you like to create a fun family tree for your scrapbook? A family tree is a great way to preserve your family memories. Your children will appreciate having a beautiful family tree as part of their scrapbook as they can see what their great grandparents and other ancestors looked like. Depending upon how extensive […]

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Ring Toss Craft and How to Play

Ring Toss Glass Bottles

A popular outdoor toss game that can be created with a few household goods is ring toss. To play this game you have to have something that catches the rings, and then a set of rings. You can use a toilet plunger and suction it to the ground, or a saddle horn, or broom stick, […]

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Methods for Making Soap

Bar of Soap

There are several different methods that you can use to make homemade soap. Some of fairly easy and others are more complex. However each method will give you a lovely finished product that you can enjoy yourself or give to someone else for a wonderful gift. Here is a brief overview of methods for making […]

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Glycerin Soap

Glycerin Soap Bars

If you love to make homemade soap there is no reason to limit yourself to the basics. Homemade soaps can be done in a variety of ways and fragrances. You can add specialty colors and make them in unique shapes. Best of all making homemade soap can be a great craft to do with family […]

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Cow’s Milk Soap

Washing Hands with Soap

This is probably the easiest of the milk soaps to make but will give you a lovely result. What you will need: 16 oz. vegetable shortening 7 oz. olive oil 7 oz. coconut oil 1 oz. cocoa butter 6 oz water 6 oz. milk 4 oz. 100% lye Newspaper Soap molds Instructions for the project: […]

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Coconut Milk Soap

Palm Tree with Coconuts

This lovely soap will make you believe you are vacationing in the tropics. This finished recipe will make about two pounds of soap. What you will need: 4 oz. mango butter 5 oz. shea butter 10 oz. castor oil 21 oz. canola oil 30 oz. palm oil 30 oz. coconut oil 40 oz. palm kernel […]

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How to Make Soap Using Milk

Bar of Soap in Woman's Hand

Making homemade soap can be a fun and affordable craft for use in your own home or you can make some lovely gifts to share with family and friends. Adding milk to your homemade soap can give it a richness and luxurious texture and best of all it is easy to do. Here is what […]

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How to Make Homemade Soap

Bar of Soap Sitting on Counter

Making homemade soap is an enjoyable and easy craft. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of items that you may need. This craft is both affordable for making your own soap and wonderful to give as gifts. Be sure to let your creativity shine through by adding all sorts of things to make your […]

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Chandelier Earrings How-To

Chandelier Earrings

Making chandelier earrings is a great craft that is easy to use. Best of all you can make chandelier earrings for a fraction of the costs of store bought ones. These special and unique earrings never seem to go out of style. Keep in mind to make chandelier earrings; you use some kind of metal […]

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Beeswax Tea Lights

Tea Light Candles Burning

This craft is great for a special holiday centerpiece that’s simple and quick to make, get out your cookie cutters and sheets of beeswax. These “tea lites” can be made in any size or color you can imagine. You will need: A few sheets of beeswax Cookie cutters An ice pick or wick pin Primed […]

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Beeswax Sheet Book Candle

Four Beeswax Candles

Beeswax is both an easy and affordable medium to work with. You can learn how to make elegant and lovely Beeswax candles very easily. But what if you are ready to move on to a more challenging project? There are lots of options for expanding your crafting skills when it comes to making Beeswax candle […]

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Two Color Rolled Beeswax Candle

Candle Beeswax Honeycomb

You can make these easy to do candles in any combination of colors. What you will need: Beeswax sheets in coordinating colors (they usually come in about 8″ x 16″ sheets) Some primed wick appropriate for a 1″ candle A matt knife, sharp knife or razor blade (A small kitchen paring knife can be useful.) […]

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