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Make Play Dough

Crafts For Teens

Printable File Folders for Winter

File Folders Pretty Colors

If you would like to create some fun activities for your kids that will aid in teaching them necessary skills of reading, math, and science using file folder games is a great option. File folder games allow you to make wonderful activities for your children by using printouts you can find online or purchase in […]

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Tween Crafty Wall Signs

Tweens love to have their rooms be all theirs, and their room can be an outlet of expression. So, help them express theirselves in their room decorating, by letting them make wall signs. The best way to do this is buy plaques, or wood pieces cut and sanded to work well for a wall sign. […]

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Tween Crafty Necklace

One way to keep tweens occupied, and doing something rather productive is to give them a craft to do. The following are a few fun craft ideas suited to the age and interest level of tweens: Necklaces: Almost all tween girls love necklaces. While this is not an appropriate craft for tween boys, it will […]

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Tween Crafty Flower Pens


Flower pens: An easy, fun craft for tweens is to help them make flower pens. Give them a journal where they can record their most private thoughts, and then let them make the pens they will use to write in the journal with. You can make the craft even better by letting them decorate their […]

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Tween Crafty T-Shirts

T-shirts: Clothing is one of the ways people express themselves, and crafting is also a form of expression, why not combine the two to give your tween a fun crafting activity to pass the afternoon with? You can buy plain colored t-shirts in your tween’s size, and then provide them with fabric glue, gems, ribbons, […]

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Ladder Golf Craft and How to Play

Golf Balls

In the past this game was highly unheard of, but it has soared in popularity over the past few years. The way this game works is you construct a target out of PVC piping, or other plastic piping. The target should have three rungs. The lowest rung gets you the most points (usually 3), the […]

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Chandelier Earrings How-To

Chandelier Earrings

Making chandelier earrings is a great craft that is easy to use. Best of all you can make chandelier earrings for a fraction of the costs of store bought ones. These special and unique earrings never seem to go out of style. Keep in mind to make chandelier earrings; you use some kind of metal […]

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Square Shaped Beeswax Candles

There is no reason to limit yourself to round candles. Using this easy to do craft you can create some spectacular square candles. What you will need: Seven sheets of Beeswax (9″ x 12″ each) One primed wick 10″ long-You will need a flat braided wick for beeswax. 2 ounces of melted Beeswax to finish […]

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Beeswax Votive Candle Holders

Beeswax Votives Snail Shell

As fun and easy as Beeswax candles are to make there are several things you can do far beyond just making them. Beeswax is an easy to use medium that lends itself to a wide variety of projects. These projects can be done by crafters of all ages and skill levels. They also make wonderful […]

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Computer Pom Buddies

You can make a delightful buddy to keep your favorite techie company while they surf the net. You will need: 2-1/2″ Styrofoam Ball Paint Foam Brush Pipe Cleaners Colossal Pipe Cleaners Wiggle Eyes-15mm Tacky Glue Assorted Pom Beads Instructions for the project: Paint the Styrofoam ball whatever color you want. Let dry completely. Make the […]

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Seashell Jewelry

Making your own jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive and it can also be a fun hobby. Making jewelry of all kinds can be fun and allow for lots of great additions to a wardrobe. Jewelry made from seashells also can include a fun trip to the beach which can be another fun and exciting […]

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Macaroni Jewelry

Jewelry is often a woman’s most prized possession and can express a lot of different things at one time. Making jewelry for your mom can be a fun craft and is something you can do quite easily on a rainy day or when you are inside playing. Pasta is great for dinner but can also […]

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Candy Topiary for Fun

The names of candies these days can be used to make any topiary fitting to a wide range of personal situations. For example, candy topiaries covered with breath mints would make a humorous prom dance centerpiece. A topiary with “Pay Day” miniature candy bars would make a funny house warming or workplace gift. Use fun […]

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Easy Crafts For Teens

Most adults do not think teenagers care about making crafts and, because teens play into that stereotype, they do not go to craft stores or make crafts of any kind. However, many teenagers have discovered that they enjoy making crafts and they take pride in creating cool crafts. The trick to getting teens excited about […]

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Alphabet Crafts To Do With Teens

Doing crafts with your teenagers gives you a great opportunity to be creative while your kids while spending quality time with them. Here are some alphabet crafts that you can do you’re your teens.ABC Sweetheart Snack Mix* Materials Needed:o 4 cups alphabet cerealo 3 cups caramel corno 2 cups small pretzel twistso 2 cups mini […]

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