Crayon and Coloring Crafts



you will need a crayon box and some regular Elmer’s glue and pour on the crayon box and let it dry and if done drying peel off the crayon box and there you have a bookmark without mess! but u …[Continue]

Creative Coloring Fun: Princess Coloring Pages

Princess coloring pages are fun for any little girl who loves princesses. It gives them the chance to add some color and fun into the world of make believe. If your little princess loves the Disney princesses, or princesses in …[Continue]

Animal Coloring Pages: Creative Learning for Kids

Kids love animals and they love learning about them. They love arts and crafts, too. Animal coloring pages are a great way to combine their natural curiosity and their creative side. Animal coloring pages are a great activity for children …[Continue]

Country Drawings

Finding activities for your kids can be a challenge, especially if the activities that they are most interested in, involve a lot of money (as is often the case with kids these days). So what if you could have a …[Continue]

Colorful Galaxy

You can make a very interesting coloring page of your own with some markers and a black crayon. To begin you want to color a page of paper with the markers in a bunch of random patterns. You want to …[Continue]

Astronomy Printables

You are never too young to start learning about astronomy. One of the best ways to introduce the youngest learners to astronomy is through coloring. Coloring is a great beginner craft because there are no rules. Sure it is nice …[Continue]

Melted Wax Windows

To make melted wax windows, simply take a large square of wax paper and spread colored crayon shavings on the paper. Spread them in a design that you think looks like a stained glass window. You can use a template, …[Continue]

Springtime Coloring

Coloring pages are perhaps the most classic of all the kid friendly crafts. Coloring never goes out of style. Encourage kids to use markers, colored pencils, crayons, even the chalk and the finger paints that you made in an earlier …[Continue]

Crayon Candle Craft

There are some fun and easy crayon candle crafting ideas. We will go over a few of those recipes, some hints, and even some safety measures you should keep in mind while you are creating your candle crafting works of …[Continue]