Easter Crafts

How to Make Easter Bunny Ears

Bunny with Long Ears

There are lots of different crafts that you do can at Easter; however, the most fun just may be making Easter Bunny ears! Young children are especially fond of this craft, and love to wear their Easter Bunny ears proudly! …[Continue]

Craft Projects that Make Easter Bunnies

Black Rabbit

There is no more iconic symbol of Easter then the Easter bunny. Best of all there are literally thousands of craft projects that allow you to make you own personalized version. Whether you are looking for a classroom project, or …[Continue]

Blue Irises


While you may think of crepe paper as only being useful to decorate for parties or be the border on a bulletin board crepe paper can do so much more. Using crepe paper is fun and best of all is …[Continue]

Striped Crepe Paper Easter eggs

Colorful Easter Eggs

These adorable eggs can make a great decoration for your Easter table. You can combine the various techniques (bands, leaf garlands and flowers) to dress up plan and dyed eggs. What you will need: Several hard boiled eggs Various sheets …[Continue]

Chubby Easter Bunnies

Cute bunny with wicker box and eggs

Beautiful and durable, crepe paper can lend itself to numerous applications. This is never more true for Easter crafts since a strip of crepe paper conforms perfectly to an egg’s shape. You can use crepe paper for a variety of …[Continue]

Bocce Ball

Bocce Field

Playing games out of doors is a fun way to pass the time. The following are a few outdoor toss games that are a lot of fun, and that with the right equipment, make for a great way to pass …[Continue]

Decoupage Eggs

Easter Egg

This holiday craft offers an almost unlimited amount of design possibilities that range from fun to elegant. Almost any thin paper can be used for decoupage, and keep in mind that you do not need any fancy or expensive materials. …[Continue]

Easter Basket for the Animal Lover

Easter Basket

Whether or not you already have a pet in your home your resident animal lover will love this Easter basket: An assortment of small plush animals A vet’s coat and instruments for giving “checkups” to the animals A movie featuring …[Continue]

Easter Basket for the Water Baby


Some kids are just drawn to water and if you have one of those in your life they will love this Easter basket: Boats and other toys that can be played with in the bathtub Small water guns Water toys …[Continue]