Fairy Crafts

Fairy House

Fairy House

a space in a garden or yard stix grass leaves gravel rox put the stix in the ground and put the leaves grass ect. on the ground in the shape or outside to make it look like a house for …[Continue]

Crystal Ring Pattern


Tired of working with just beads? Here is a great pattern for making a ring out of Swarovski crystals, Fire Mountain Gems. Not only is this ring classic and elegant but it comes with easy to follow directions. This is …[Continue]

Wire Flowers


You can make wire flowers for a fun and decorative jewelry craft. To start you will need a daisy loom, 26 gauge wire and a few beads. Leave a tail of wire 6-8 inches long at the back of your …[Continue]

Tooth Fairy Vial

Child pointing to missing teeth, pulled out with a string - clos

Fairy crafts foster the imagination for your young ones and provide a fun opportunity for you as a parent to work with your child to create something magical. Fairy crafts are incredibly diverse and can be adapted to be appropriate …[Continue]

Fairy Dress-Ups


Little girls love to play dress-up. Why not create some crafts that they can use to play with! You can make wings, tiaras and garlands, a magical wand and much more. These crafts are simple to make, and your kids …[Continue]

Tooth Fairy Sack


Fairy crafts are fun because of all the imagination and creativity that takes place while a project is being worked on. What’s more is that it is nearly impossible to make a fairy craft the wrong way. Being unique is …[Continue]

Fairy Garland


Anyone planning on going to a fairy party is going to need something special to wear. The fairy garland is the perfect solution. A fairy garland is to be worn on your little one’s head and can be embellished as …[Continue]

Tooth Fairy Tote Pillow


Kids have often times expressed concern for the tooth fairy and her ability to collect and carry all of the teeth that she must collect nightly. This tooth fairy tote and pillow craft can be made and given to the …[Continue]

Fairy Garden Dwelling


If you are looking for a fairy craft that is more challenging for the older elementary school aged children, you can make a garden for the fairies. This craft teaches kids about horticulture and about the different ways that different …[Continue]

A Magical Fairy Land


If you are a teacher looking to bring a little fairy magic into your classroom, or if you are a parent trying to make learning more enjoyable for your kids, there are ways to accomplish both goals by making fairy …[Continue]

Fairy Craft Ideas And Titles


Fairy craft books with more ideas If you find yourself lacking creativity or you have simply run out of ideas, there are all kinds of books that you can purchase that give you step-by-step instructions on how you can make …[Continue]

Fairy Parties For Kids

pink girls party

Throw a fairy party (with decorations, costumes and favors, of course) Fairy parties are not only a good way for your kids to have creative fun with their friends, but there are plenty of fairy crafts that you can make …[Continue]