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Make Play Dough

Father’s Day Gifts and Crafts

Horse Shoes

This is a game played in a sand pit. You have two posts, made of metal on each side of the sand pit, and you toss horse shoes at them while standing at the opposite side of the pit. The goal is to get the post inside the horseshoe, but you can score points for […]

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Golfing Dad’s Memo Board

If your Dad especially loves golf then this is a gift you can make especially for him. What you will need: Jumbo Craft Sticks Cork Magnetic Strips Tacky Glue Mini Golf Club Paint and Brush Scissors Instructions for the project: Start by gluing the corners of four jumbo craft sticks together. Paint the entire structure […]

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Photo Collage Tissue Box

You can make an under the weather the friend or family member feel better in no time with this clever craft. Allow about 2 to 3 hours to completely finish. What you will need: Scissors or 2-inch circle craft punch, available at craft stores Photographs or digital images Colored paper Mod Podge sealer, (matte or […]

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Making Christmas Gifts from Family Photos: for Mom and Dad

Making Christmas gifts from family photos can be a lot of fun, especially when one of the parents is helping the kids make a present for the other parent! Here are some great ideas for Christmas gifts using family photos for both Mom and Dad. For Dad Kids can make, or have made, some great […]

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Holiday Candy Tower


Holiday topiaries are made out of two of the most popular elements that define the holidays, food and decorations. No matter if you are celebrating Christmas, Easter or the 4th of July, chances are that you can think of a gathering where a certain type of food is served in a specific kind of environment. […]

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Give a Memory

It can be difficult to think of a creative gift to give to someone that you care about. Chances are that you do not have dispensable income and that you are worried about spending too much on a gift, especially during the holidays when there are a lot of gifts to give. Fortunately there are […]

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Friendship Bracelets for Adults

Friendship is something that means something to people both young and old. Without our friends we would find life very difficult. It requires a great deal of effort to find and make good friends, and once you have them you want to keep them. Because friendship is such an important part of our lives it […]

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Bat Car Antenna

If you have an old ping-pong ball or an extra piece of Styrofoam lying around the house you can easily make a bat antenna ball that you can use to decorate your car. The process is quite simple, just paint the ball black and add facial details like wiggly eyes, fangs and ears. You can […]

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Can Holders

Can holders can also be another craft for children that involve a drink. This can be used to keep a can of soda cool while they are drinking it. This project can be a little more complicated because it involves making a seam and binding the two ends of the canvas together with yarn. The […]

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Usually the simplest designs are the best for kids to start out with. But the patterns they can handle depend on their age, their previous experience with needlework and how quickly they learn new things. One of the easiest crafts for kids to make is a coaster. It is only a two dimensional project and […]

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Plastic Canvas Crafts for Your Home

Decorating your home is something that can be very challenging and very rewarding at the same time. There are many different ways you can decorate and making your own crafts can be one of the most rewarding ways to make your house both beautiful and functional. Here is some more information on plastic canvas crafts […]

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Flower Pot Pen Holder

Make a flowerpot into a pen and pencil holder. Buy a plain pot, and tray if you want, at your local craft store. Paint it all sorts of colors or paint it using a certain theme. Fill it with candy or little gifts and give it as a birthday or other holiday present. It is […]

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Magical Mother’s Day Box

• Materials ShoeboxMarkers, paints or crayonsPaperGlueSmall presents • Instructions Decorate a small box or shoebox using paper, markers, crayons and paint. You can also add stencils, beads, sequins, etc to make it more interesting Buy or make some small presents for Mom and place them inside the box. Label each gift with a number Make […]

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Lighthouse In A Bottle


Lighthouse in a bottle What you will need: 1.5 liter sport water bottle Craft knife Aluminum foil Red acrylic paint Black tape Play-Doh or clay Flashlight White craft foam Clear packing tape Instructions for the project: Using a craft knife cut the bottle in half. Glue aluminum foil inside the cone-shaped portion of the top […]

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Safety Tips While Making Father’s Day Crafts

Boy and His Father

Homemade gifts are great and they are fun to make. Maybe you are going to make your dad a Father’s Day present this year. Any time you make any crafts around the house there are safety tips that you should follow. Some are for keeping you safe and some are for keeping the house and […]

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Making Father’s Day Personal

Finally, when you present your dad with your handcrafted father’s day present it is a great idea to also present him with some homemade father’s Day snacks. Does your dad have a favorite cookie? Does he just love apple pie? Is he a popcorn junky? Whatever your dad loves have it fresh out of the […]

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