Friendship Crafts

Tween Crafty Bracelets

Tween Crafty Bracelets

Tweens are in a very tricky stage of life. They want to be grown up, but they also are little kids. This makes entertaining them difficult as well. One fun way to keep tweens happy during the summer months and …[Continue]

Friendship Pen

This can be a great gift for kids to give to their friends. This craft works best for kids ages 8 and up. You will need: Ball Point Pen Multi-Color Yarn Tacky Glue or Low Temp Glue Gun Pony Beads …[Continue]

Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be a fun time of year, especially when it comes to teaching. There are so many different themes to follow and topics to teach during the month of February that children can truly come away with a …[Continue]

Friendship Bracelets at Sleepovers

Friendship is one of the bright spots in life. Although everything else might fall apart, if you have good friends you have something worth more than wealth or power. Our friends provide us with support, comfort, and wisdom. They know …[Continue]

Friendship Bracelets for Adults

Friendship is something that means something to people both young and old. Without our friends we would find life very difficult. It requires a great deal of effort to find and make good friends, and once you have them you …[Continue]

Friendship Bracelets for Sports Teams

Many people enjoy participating in sports for more than just the exercise or competition. Sports push us to overcome obstacles and to defeat the other team, but they also help us to form strong bonds with our teammates. There are …[Continue]

Friendship Bracelets for the Family

The only thing that most people would say is more important than friendship is family. Our families provide material and emotional support throughout our lives. Life would be impossible without family to protect us and to guide us. There is …[Continue]

Great Friendship Bracelet Ideas

Friendship is something to celebrate and to announce to the world. Friendship is one of the best things in life; without friends we would find existence dreary if not impossible. When you find a good new friend you should cherish …[Continue]

Making A Unique Friendship Bracelet

One activity that has been particularly popular lately is making friendship bracelets. The bracelets are something that you make with only one other person so they are unique. They express something about your friendship and provide a common object that …[Continue]

Seasonal Friendship Bracelet Ideas

Friendship is a sacred and wonderful thing that helps to sustain life. Without friends our lives would be perhaps impossibly difficult. Our friends offer support and counsel in hard times. They are the ones we spend our joyful times with …[Continue]

Why A Friendship Bracelet?

Friendship is one of the great experiences of life. Friends provide support, joy, and advice. They lovingly support each other and help to build a better life. Although friends don’t always get along perfectly, it would be almost impossible to …[Continue]

Friendship Bracelet Resources

Friendship bracelets have come and gone through each era. They are quite popular among young teens and even early elementary aged girls. Girls can create meaningful friendship bracelets from all different patterns and materials for themselves or for others as …[Continue]