Mother's Day Crafts

Corsage Craft

Mother’s Day is a fun day to celebrate how great mothers are, and is a time to shower mothers with flowers, chocolates, and other gifts. One of the traditional gifts for mothers on Mother’s Day is a corsage. However, sometimes, …[Continue]

Flower Photo Bouquet

For this craft you need photos, which you will mount and cut into the shape of flowers. Let the preschooler choose the pictures that they want, and then let them trace the flowers onto the pictures. You cut them out, …[Continue]

Mother Page

This is a craft where preschoolers will draw pictures and make a page of all of their favorite things about their mom. They can depict their favorite things, and then you can write it out under, and make it into …[Continue]

Preschool Level Mother’s Day Card

This is an easy, and fun craft for preschoolers. Make a card by folding construction paper in half, print out a verse to put inside the card, and let the preschooler decorate it and sign their name for their mom….[Continue]

Mother’s Day Poem Picture Color

For this craft you will print a poem on a piece of paper and let the preschooler color and decorate it as they wish. They will get to show their expressive side, and create something wonderful to give their mom….[Continue]

Decorated Jewelry Box

This is a great craft where preschoolers get to decorate premade jewelry boxes for their moms using stickers, crayons, paint, glue and baubles, etc….[Continue]

Variety of Magnets

For this craft you need cute shaped buttons, fake flowers, laminated cut out photographs, etc. as well as magnets, and hot glue. Let the preschooler enjoy making a whole assortment of fun magnets for their mom to use to hang …[Continue]

Pasta Heart Plate

There is a great deal of Mother’s Day crafts for preschoolers, and they are a fantastic way to help preschool kids get involved in celebrating their mothers and let them make a gift or card to give them. Pasta heart …[Continue]

Mother’s Day Bookmark

Another great Mother’s Day craft is a bookmark. For this craft you will need some craft paper, some stickers, photographs, photo safe adhesive, and a plan to have the bookmark laminated. In order to make bookmarks, have the base bookmark …[Continue]

Mommy Magnet

Another fun craft for Mother’s Day for preschoolers to make is magnets. One of the most fun crafts is magnets. Magnets can be made in a variety of ways. You could take a picture of the preschooler, and put it …[Continue]

Button Bracelet for Mommy

Preschoolers enjoy doing crafts and exploring their creative sides through art. You can take this interest and apply it to the Mother’s Day holiday to create lovely Mother’s Day crafts that can be used for decoration or gifts. Preschoolers will …[Continue]

Mother’s Day Jewelry

A great Mother’s Day craft is jewelry. You can make basic jewelry from smaller kids, like cheerio necklaces, or you can do the real thing and make necklaces from beads, or bracelets, or beaded watches, or earrings. You can go …[Continue]