Nature Crafts

Sand Art You Can Do

Sand Art You Can Do

Salt and various colors of chalk Place the amount of salt on a paper plate that you want for a particular color of “sand.” Gently rub the salt with a piece of colored chalk and the salt will become that …[Continue]

Ocean in a Bottle


1 any size water bottle Blue food coloring Mini fish figurine *your choice* Vegetable oil Super glue Fill water bottle almost to lid with water. Add a little less then 1/4 cup of vegetable oil to make “ocean” thick. Add …[Continue]

Gourd Painting Basics

Gourd Painting Basics

When people think of gourds, they think of Halloween or autumn decorations. This is a true fact gourds can be a great accent for decoration outside or inside. Gourds are not limited to just squash, but pumpkins, and more. But …[Continue]

Crepe Paper Poinsettia

Crepe Paper Poinsettia

These can be ideal for embellishing wrapped gifts or fastening to a tree. What you will need: Pink, green, and maroon crepe paper Scissors Floral wire Floral tape White glue Instructions for the project: To make both the small and …[Continue]

Blue Irises


While you may think of crepe paper as only being useful to decorate for parties or be the border on a bulletin board crepe paper can do so much more. Using crepe paper is fun and best of all is …[Continue]

What is Extreme Halloween Pumpkin Carving?

While your childhood Halloween pumpkin with the triangle eyes and the toothy grin was certainly charming today pumpkin carving has literally gone to a new extreme. Halloween revelers are turning their pumpkins into genuine works of art. These masterpieces are …[Continue]

Foam Flower Magnets

This is another easy to do magnet that will delight your family and friends. You can use precut flower pieces or design your own. Traditional flower shapes look the best (daisies, tulips etc.) What you will need: Precut flower shapes …[Continue]

Seashell Refrigerator Magnet

This is one of the easiest yet most spectacular magnets to make. You can purchase seashells at your local craft store or use treasured mementos from a trip to the beach. What you will need: Seashell Mix Small Dried or …[Continue]

Halloween Projects Using Real Pumpkins

Halloween is a great time of year and young children look forward to eagerly. However there are limitations on what the youngest children can be involved in. Carving and decorating pumpkins is a lot of fun (and mess) but often …[Continue]

Wooden Nature Magnet

Magnet crafts are just plain fun! Doing crafts with magnets allows you (whatever age or craft level you are) to exercise your creativity and have lots of fun doing it. Kids especially love magnet crafts because most are not time …[Continue]

Elegant Decoupage Jar

With this craft you can turn an ordinary dollar-store jar into an elegant gift you would be proud to give to anyone special. You will need: Pressed Leaves and Flowers Glass Jar Tissue Paper Decoupage Solution Foam Brush Gold Paint …[Continue]

Glowing Flowers

Glowing Flowers

This easy to make and lovely craft would make a great gift. What You’ll need: Pressed Leaves or Flowers Votive Cup Tissue Paper Decoupage Solution Foam Brushes                 Instructions for the project: You …[Continue]