No Sew Crafts

Toy Bag

Toy Bag

Any colored bag with handle Fabric paint and/or fabric glue Stencils your choice (optional) Take your bag and decorate it then let sit for 7 hours or less depends on how much paint. Then you could wear it out and …[Continue]

Cool Canopy

1 sheet sized piece of cloth1 wire hanger1 nailHot glue gunStaplerRibbon,yarn or stringPaperclipTape First, bend wire hanger into a hoop. then take the cloth,shortway across, and fold the top three inches over the hoop. hotglue and staple the cloth over …[Continue]

Bandanna Purse

For this craft you need two bandanas, scissors or shears, You should cut off a one-inch border, in one piece, around the edges of both bandanas, and set them aside. Now put the bandanas together with the wrong sides together. …[Continue]

Stamped Bandanna

This is a fun craft. One of the things you can do is get plain bandanas, white or a different light color. You are going to find a stamp of some kind that you like, and get fabric ink. Then, …[Continue]

Bandanna Hand Bag

A great craft you can make with bandanas that requires no sewing is a bandana purse or hand bag. To make this you need two bandanas and some scissors. Start by cutting a one inch strip around both bandanas. Then, …[Continue]

Pom Pon Bear

Pompoms may just be the crafter’s best friend. Those fuzzy little balls can be turned into some many different things both affordably and easily. Best of all pompoms can be picked up at your local craft store in a variety …[Continue]

Spaghetti and Meatball Hat

This whimsical hat is easy to put together using just a few crafting supplies. You will need: 2 Paper Plates Yarn – (Preferably White or Cream Colored) 1″ or 1 1/2″ Pom-poms – (Preferably Red or Brown) Craft Glue Scissors …[Continue]

Angel Tree Topper

Top your tree with this pretty angel and her homemade charm and lacy elegance will make her a family favorite. This could be a lovely gift as well. What you will need: 2 doilies, 8 inches each Scissors Waxed paper …[Continue]

Holiday Spirit Christmas Stocking

If you are looking for a fun way to showcase your crafting abilities you may want to consider making your own holiday decorations. Making and displaying your very own self-made holiday decorations can really personalize the holidays. And best of …[Continue]

Handprint Shirt

A fun way to carry your loved one’s handprints with you is to make a handprint t-shirt. Simply choose out your plain cotton t-shirt (make sure that you wash the shirt first) and the fabric paint colors that you want. …[Continue]

Friendship Bracelets for Sports Teams

Friendship Bracelets for Sports Teams

Many people enjoy participating in sports for more than just the exercise or competition. Sports push us to overcome obstacles and to defeat the other team, but they also help us to form strong bonds with our teammates. There are …[Continue]

Friendship Bracelets for the Family

Friendship Bracelets for the Family

The only thing that most people would say is more important than friendship is family. Our families provide material and emotional support throughout our lives. Life would be impossible without family to protect us and to guide us. There is …[Continue]