Making Origami for Beginners

If you are an adult and you are able to follow written instructions and follow along with drawings and diagrams designed to help to make the process of making an origami figure go smoother, origami will be simple enough for …[Continue]

How to Make an Origami Crane

Introduction Origami, a hobby that almost anyone can do, is a fun and easy way to create new and exciting three-dimensional figures using square pieces of paper. As long as you can follow instructions and have the patience to learn …[Continue]

Learning Origami: A “How To” Guide

Introduction Some people find origami, the art of paper folding, very intimidating. There are masters of origami who create giant origami works of art and origami figures with incredible detail. Looking at the accomplishments and talents of these origami masters …[Continue]

Where to Find Easy Origami Instructions

Origami instructions are relatively easy to find, whether you’re searching your local library, the bookstore or online. More often than not, the trick is locating a specific set of origami instructions that is easy for the user to understand. While …[Continue]

Tips For Making Origami Easy

Origami can seem very intimidating, especially when you look at the stunning pieces of origami art that others have created. However, origami can be quite easy, provided you follow a few simple rules and keep in mind that anything, when …[Continue]

Easy Origami: Choosing Your Paper Wisely

When you think of origami, you probably think of the crane and the myriad of other beautiful, intricate shapes you can create from paper or you picture yourself making the precise folds necessary to create any one of the shapes. …[Continue]

Origami Made Simple

Origami is a hobby that many people have tried, casually, at one time or another, either in school or maybe at an art festival. As with anything in life, there are people who learn quickly, picking up the technique as …[Continue]

Easy Origami Ideas

When it comes to origami instructions and ideas, “easy” is a relative term. For some people, even the simplest origami shapes can be very difficult to create, even when they followed the instructions to the letter. It is, therefore, important …[Continue]

Fast and Easy Origami

Origami is a fast growing hobby among children and adults alike. Many people create origami objects to pass time while others create beautiful decorations and creations. Some people whose techniques are very advanced spend time creating their own designs and …[Continue]

Making Origami For Children and Beginners

Origami is simple enough for adults, provided they are able to follow written instructions and reference the drawings and diagrams designed to make the origami process go smoother. However, is origami for children? Obviously a child trying to learn origami …[Continue]

How To Make An Origami Flower

Introduction Origami characters and objects are fun to make and display; they also make great gifts. What better gift to give than a beautiful bouquet of origami flowers! Origami flowers will never wilt and you do not need to worry …[Continue]

Origami Made Simple

Many people have dabbled in origami at one time or another during their lives. As with anything in life, some people pick up the techniques quickly while others have a hard time mastering even the most simple origami shapes. It …[Continue]