Dream Star

One Medium sized Star Magazine Scissors Glue First find a medium size star to trace. Next Find a magazine that has the things you like…like food, a favorite basketball player etc. Once you find a couple things you like cut …[Continue]

milk carton wallets!

1.scissors2.milk carton template (google it and print it)3.a milk or orange juice 0.5 galon (with a screw cap!) 1. wash out a milk or oj carton (0.5 gallon)2.cut the carton until it is fully laid out and flat 9with the …[Continue]

Kool Aid Playdough Recipe

* 1 cup water * 3 teaspoons of Cream of Tartar * 1 cup of flour * 1 package of Kool-Aid Mix (non-sugar) * 1 tablespoon of cooking oil * a half cup of salt * food coloring by your …[Continue]

Duct Tape Wallet

This has been a standard item for many kids to make. It’s easy and it can easily be used, making it a great craft for boys and girls. To create a wallet that can be used to hold more than …[Continue]

Duct Tape Jewelry

Do you want a fun new craft to try out? If you aren’t sure where to start, head to your kitchen closet and take a look at things that you already have like duct tape. Duct tape comes in numerous …[Continue]

Printable Heart Number Game File Folder

When winter comes around, playing outside isn’t as fun as it used to be and it’s a lot harder for your kids to find activities to do. A great activity for them to try out is to have some printable …[Continue]

Printable File Folders for Winter

Printable File Folders for Winter

If you would like to create some fun activities for your kids that will aid in teaching them necessary skills of reading, math, and science using file folder games is a great option. File folder games allow you to make …[Continue]

How to Make Easter Bunny Ears

Bunny with Long Ears

There are lots of different crafts that you do can at Easter; however, the most fun just may be making Easter Bunny ears! Young children are especially fond of this craft, and love to wear their Easter Bunny ears proudly! …[Continue]

Craft Projects that Make Easter Bunnies

Black Rabbit

There is no more iconic symbol of Easter then the Easter bunny. Best of all there are literally thousands of craft projects that allow you to make you own personalized version. Whether you are looking for a classroom project, or …[Continue]

Printable File Folder Ideas for Summer

Printable File Folder Ideas for Summer

Preschools commonly use file folder games to help entertain and to teach kids numbers, shapes, counting, etc. Parents can also make great file folder games to help entertain their kids in quiet places like Church or even in the car. …[Continue]

Flag Match Printable File Folder

Flag Match Printable File Folder

Since summer has the 4th of July as a holiday you should take this as an opportunity to help your kids learn about the United States. Choose a few different flags of the states and place them as templates in …[Continue]

Travel Add

Travel Add

Young learners can start to identify their numbers if they are given plenty of opportunities to do so. Your toddlers can easily learn their numbers up to 5 or even 10 if you are providing them with games where they …[Continue]