Paint Recipes and Crafts

Puffy Paint

Whole can of shaving cream1 bottle of school Elmers glueTempera paint (more paint more color) Big bowl Put ingredients in bowl mix together to the consistency of whipped cream let children put puffy paint on paper really thick and let …[Continue]

Stamped Bandanna

This is a fun craft. One of the things you can do is get plain bandanas, white or a different light color. You are going to find a stamp of some kind that you like, and get fabric ink. Then, …[Continue]

Painted Pumpkin Faces and Lollipop Ghosts

Painted Pumpkin Faces and Lollipop Ghosts

Painted Pumpkin Faces: This is another easy Halloween craft that is going to be simple even for the kids to do, no scissors, knives, or glue involved. For this you will need the following supplies: Small or miniature pumpkins Pumpkin …[Continue]

Painted Paper Plate Snowman

This is a different take on the traditional paper plate snowman. This craft would work especially well for older kids or more experienced crafters. What you will need: 3 paper plates for each snowman Assorted colors of tissue paper (including …[Continue]

Finger Painting

White papercolored paintnailpolish removerpaper plate Take your white piece of paper and coat it once with nailpolish remover(this will make the paint water proof and the paper to). Wait ten minutes for it to dry . Then take a paper …[Continue]



A relatively simple handprint craft involves just stamping the handprint on paper. You can use those prints as a way to decorate a printout of a favorite poem or as the cover for a card. Use several prints to make …[Continue]

Country Paintings

Once your child has figured out how to use paints and create drawings that are somewhat recognizable, you can introduce a myriad of different country crafts that deal with painting. Two examples of how a simple painting project can turn …[Continue]

Making Stained Glass at Home

Making stained glass crafts at home is simple. With a few basic materials you can create a stained glass piece that is safe for kids, fun for adults and enjoyable to all. In this article you will read about a …[Continue]

Tools You Need to Make Primitive Crafts

Primitive crafts are some of the most popular ways to decorate your home and some of the best crafts to make. They remind us all of a time we might not remember but that we have heard of. It helps …[Continue]

Painting Activities for Motor Development

Coloring is one of the best activities for early childhood development. Having your toddler or preschooler color will help them develop the needed motor skills that will help prepare them for the writing skills that they will need once they …[Continue]

Kool Aid Painting

Who knew that a simple drink could bring about so much fun? Keep in mind that this can be a messy project so you may want to consider doing it outdoors. What you need: •Several packets of sugar-free Kool-Aid •White …[Continue]

Hand-Painted Teen Bedroom Craft Ideas

Your teen’s bedroom is a place they can go to as their own sanctuary. Their bedroom is also a place for your teen to show their personality. Your teen will want to decorate their bedroom in a way that shows …[Continue]