Paper Crafts

Paper Bags

Paper Bags

scissors ruler a quarter of a cardboard in any color glue ribbons decorations: ex: googly eyes,ribbons,play dough… a little piece of card board hole puncher 1) fold the cardboard in half. 2) fold both sides twice about 1 inch each …[Continue]

Make a Prop Stick of Dynamite

1 toilet paper rollsome newspappersome red papersome stringand some glue 1) take the toilet paper roll and stuff it full of newspaper2) wrap the roll in some red paper just enough to go around it and glue it3)cut a circle …[Continue]

Newspaper Dragon Hat

If the weather is turning cooler and forcing your kids indoors then you may want to set up some crafts for them to do. Crafts are a great way to beat the after school boredom hours if your kids are …[Continue]

Recycled Card Decoupage Ornaments

Recycled Card Decoupage Ornaments

Decoupage just may be the perfect craft for kids. The materials are easy to find and affordable and best of all decoupage can be done by everyone. Even the youngest kids enjoy painting on decoupage glue (which is highly forgiving). …[Continue]

Decoupage Craft Ideas

Decoupage Craft Ideas

The true fun of decoupage just may lie in the fact that there are virtually no limits to what you can do with it. Decoupage is fun and easy to do requiring little experience or crafting skills and the result …[Continue]

Tissue Box Mosaic

Working with tissue boxes is a lot of fun. They are easy to find and generally affordable. Best of all if you need a lot (for a classroom activity) sending a note home to parents can usually do the trick. …[Continue]

Paper Plate Crown

If you are looking for new ways to celebrate the arrival of winter these crafts just might do the trick. Whether you live in a snowy climate where snow is no big deal or you find yourself wishing for a …[Continue]

Paper Plate Wall Hanging

This craft would make a wonderful holiday gift. What you will need: Paper Plate Paint Ribbon Craft Glue Paint Brush Scissors Instructions for the project: Paint the palm-side of one hand of the child using whatever color you decide on. …[Continue]

Paper Plate Star Wreath

Why settle for one star on top of the tree when you can have a whole wreath. This delightful star wreath looks lovely in winter or holiday colors but can be adapted to any holiday color scheme. What you will …[Continue]

Paper Plate Snowman

Making paper plate snowman is a fun craft that even young kids can be a part of. Best of all paper plates are affordable and of course easy to find making these crafts a great choice for party or classroom …[Continue]

Paper Plate Poinsettias

These holiday decorations are a darling reminder of how small your child’s hand really are. While they look great in red and green they can be made in any color for any season. What you will need: A paper plate …[Continue]

Paper Plate Winter Kids

There are many different projects that you can do with paper plates. While many parents and teachers are familiar with the paper plate snowman there is now reason to be stuck doing the same old craft from year to year. …[Continue]