Photo Crafts

Flower Photo Bouquet

Flower Photo Bouquet

For this craft you need photos, which you will mount and cut into the shape of flowers. Let the preschooler choose the pictures that they want, and then let them trace the flowers onto the pictures. You cut them out, …[Continue]

Photo Collage Tissue Box

Photo Collage Tissue Box

You can make an under the weather the friend or family member feel better in no time with this clever craft. Allow about 2 to 3 hours to completely finish. What you will need: Scissors or 2-inch circle craft punch, …[Continue]

Preserving Family Photos

Your family photos are more than just captured images, they are captured memories. The look on a child’s face, the mischief in their eyes and the grass stains on their clothes, captured in photographs, tell a story. So, how do …[Continue]

Photo Frame Crafts

Crafting is a hobby that millions of people enjoy doing. Making crafts is a way of expressing your individuality and artistic side. The combination of making crafts and decorating makes a lot of sense to many. You can have fun …[Continue]

CD Photo Ornament

Here’s a creative way to use those old CD’s you have just sitting around. This ornament can also showcase holiday photos or small original drawings done by your kids. What you will need: •Old CD •Felt •Photo or magazine picture•Glue …[Continue]

Tips on How to Crop Photos

If you are into scrapbooking at all then you know that cropping your pictures can make a huge difference on the layout of your page and what it will look like when you’re finished. Cropping refers to the different techniques …[Continue]