Picture Frame Projects

Card Collector’s Frame

When considering the vast array of craft choices it has become almost impossible to determine what the most popular crafts are. The popularity of a craft is often determined by the geographic location, the availability of needed supplies and the …[Continue]

Handprint Frame

Handprint Frame

Handprint crafts make great personal gifts for anyone. Handprint gifts are ideal for distant relatives who may not see your children as often as they or you would like. Handprint crafts are very personal and can show your loved ones …[Continue]

Snowflake Frame

This easy craft is a great gift for parents, teachers, or grandparents and can be used to display a photo of the child or a drawing they have done. Supplies • Construction paper• Foam or sticker snowflakes• Magnetic strip 1. …[Continue]

Frame Your Large Canvas Art

Picture frames can make almost anything look great hung up on a wall. There are many different applications for picture frames and they also come in almost any shape or size. Making a frame for large canvas art pieces can …[Continue]

Save $$ By Makiing Your Own Frames

Hanging art in your home can get very expensive especially if you are framing art. If you have every done any research on having custom art framed, you will understand that it can get very expensive very quickly. But you …[Continue]

Frame: A Gift

Picture frames make great gifts because they can be used to commemorate whatever occasion that they are being given for. For example, you can give a picture frame with a birthday theme to a child on their birthday and then …[Continue]

Photo Frame Crafts

Crafting is a hobby that millions of people enjoy doing. Making crafts is a way of expressing your individuality and artistic side. The combination of making crafts and decorating makes a lot of sense to many. You can have fun …[Continue]

Name Plaques

Name plaques are a great way to get a teen’s name displayed in an attractive and decorative way. Name plaques can be done by oneself, or purchased from a company that specializes in name plaques. Name plaques may include last …[Continue]

How to Make Personalized Picture Frame Crafts

One great way to make personalized picture frame crafts is to buy a generic frame and then decorate it. This sounds simple, and it is relatively simple. You will need a metal or wooden picture frame that is basically plain …[Continue]

Mom Memories

Moms love things of nostalgia that can help them to remember the times when her kids were little or certain events that were fun, etc. Find a picture or a series of pictures that you think will be particularly significant …[Continue]

Dad Picture Frame

Dad Picture Frame

Another gift that you could make for dad is a picture frame that says DAD. What you will need is some heavy paper, 3 small pictures of you, glue and a pair of scissors. Use large block letters and draw …[Continue]

Picture Frames for Father’s Day

Picture Frames for Father's Day

Making Dad a picture frame with your picture in it lets him show you off at work. Plus he can remember that you made it by hand every time he looks at it. There are a number of ways to …[Continue]