Recyling Crafts

milk carton wallets!

1.scissors2.milk carton template (google it and print it)3.a milk or orange juice 0.5 galon (with a screw cap!) 1. wash out a milk or oj carton (0.5 gallon)2.cut the carton until it is fully laid out and flat 9with the …[Continue]

Home Made Tape Vase

1 Roll of masking tape.1 container either glass or plastic.water color, crayons, or any type of paint will do.News paper to cover craft area. Tear the masking tape into pieces making sure it’s torn with jagged edges which will give …[Continue]

Christmas Tree Bottle

2 liter bottle(clear),green pine straw,white spray paint, any decorations. Put the pine straw in the bottle,very lightly spray white spray paint on like snow,then hot glue any sparkles(buttons, etc.)one to the bottle to look like decorations. From jenna, age 12, …[Continue]

Ocean in a Bottle


1 any size water bottle Blue food coloring Mini fish figurine *your choice* Vegetable oil Super glue Fill water bottle almost to lid with water. Add a little less then 1/4 cup of vegetable oil to make “ocean” thick. Add …[Continue]

Card Board Ghost

Card Board Ghost

Cardboard, black, white, and orange paint Cut out the cardboard to look like a ghost,then paint it white let dry enough,next paint on the eyes along with any other doodad’s From jenna, age 12, georgia…[Continue]

Bean Bag Toss


The great outdoors is a fun place to play, and provides people with hours of fun, but sometimes, the natural beauty and entertainment wears off, and you are in need of a game or two to keep things interesting. Toss …[Continue]

Tissue Box Crafts Galore

Tissue boxes can have a long life long after the tissues inside are gone. Whether the boxes are decorated or plain you can use them in numerous ways for lots of fun crafts. Using tissue boxes after they are empty …[Continue]

Recycled Card Decoupage Ornaments

Recycled Card Decoupage Ornaments

Decoupage just may be the perfect craft for kids. The materials are easy to find and affordable and best of all decoupage can be done by everyone. Even the youngest kids enjoy painting on decoupage glue (which is highly forgiving). …[Continue]

Photo Collage Tissue Box

Photo Collage Tissue Box

You can make an under the weather the friend or family member feel better in no time with this clever craft. Allow about 2 to 3 hours to completely finish. What you will need: Scissors or 2-inch circle craft punch, …[Continue]

Sneezy the Tissue Box

This festive craft will delight everyone who sees it. What you will need: Decorative paper Scissors Tissue box Double-sided tape Chenille stems Fast-setting glue Large googly eyes Pom-poms Shredded crinkle paper Cardboard party horn 1.25-ounce clear plastic cups Instructions for …[Continue]

Tissue Box Mosaic

Tissue Box Mosiac

Working with tissue boxes is a lot of fun. They are easy to find and generally affordable. Best of all if you need a lot (for a classroom activity) sending a note home to parents can usually do the trick. …[Continue]



Halloween is a holiday most kids get really excited about. Why not? They get to dress up, they get to stay up late, and they get to eat candy. So, while you may not need to do much to get …[Continue]